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Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Matin99, May 27, 2005.

  1. Does anyone else besides myself own a Buell. I would like to hook up with other Buell riders also... Mine is the 1200cc XB lightning series.
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    ... got something against the other bikes?... (j/k)

  3. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I know 2 in Moscow. Dave and Josh.
  4. Jezterr. Absolutly not, Ive enjoyed owning many other bikes and have raced a few. Forgive me if I seem too bold, but what can you expect from a guy that has re-learned how to walk and has over 36 inches of scare tissue... So after about eight years of intense thearpy Im able to ride agian.

    I apologize if anyone took offence. I would love to ride with anyone, thanks.
  5. Josh. Whats up? You coming over...

    In high regards. Josh.
  6. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    wow. thoroughly impressed. it takes a lot to walk again especially after what sounds like a very, very bad injury. do you mind sharing? if not, it's totally understandable... it's just hearing other people's comeback stories can be inspirational for others...

    i was just messin' with you about the buell thing, hence the (j/k).
  7. wow is right! I have an uncle who did the same thing, but it was a break to his collarbone several times that made him stop riding. Well, that and an overly obnoxious ex. His current wife and he own a sailboat chartering service on the Seattle coastline somewhere. One of these days I'm going to have to get my butt over there and go out with them!
  8. Shure, racing dirt bikes fourwheeliers were a few of my passions. Hopefully Ladies and gentlemen the future will bring more of my abilities.

    Racing street bikes might adrenelize that sweet spot again. I love the flow, you know guys when everything merges in harmony.

    Its seems racing was one of my gifts; whether or not I can transcend my ignorance is yet to be known.

    Injuries sustained where broken back, neck, shattered bones, fractures, broken nerves, disconnected tendons and muscles etc. Well after healing from injuries its time for the right side of things.

    Working-out with yoga, medations, motorcycle, and soon weight training.
    Although my bike is currently being rebuilt transmission seized. The good thing is warranty coverage is great.

    Thanks. In high regards. Josh. ;-)
  9. Hey Josh

    Dustin here, hey thanksman for the contacts. Had a blast with the crew last saturday and look forward to future rides. Gotmessage about Sturgis... Hope is in the air!!!!! WoooooooHoooooo!

    Nice to see a bit of meditation isin the presence of the hobby I enjoy... A living essence that is essentialforpeace and harmonywithin the karma. GoodLuck with continued recovery...

    Thanks again
  10. Hi Dustin. Youre welcome. Sturgis is in the order, it will happen Enshallha!

    In high regards. Josh.