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Buying from New Enough -

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by beansbaxter, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. haha... crackup:
  2. The donation never turns into real money. The donation goes into our community account and then I can use that balance for contest prizes from New Enough for the forum.

  3. Just had to score a pair of boots from this morning for my daughter, who will be taking the MSF Beginner's Course later this month.

    Beans has another dollar to work with.... 8)
  4. Well hell, why didnt you just say so?! I will donate ~drum roll please~ "One Meeallion dollhairs"! That should be enough to buy you all the fantasy toys you ever wanted Beans! You can thank me later.:nana
  5. That is awesome! Will do from now on.
  6. ive been doing that (donating) for as long as i can remember...the option to do so has been on there for a long time now
  7. so, when I click the link, is there anyway that the link could take me to new enough?

    or maybe the post would have a link?
  8. Good idea. I've added a link to the post.
  9. ecotechjosh

    ecotechjosh Cavalier Champion!

    yup i make sure to select pnwriders every time i order form there :)

    I love their bargain basement and I always get my order super fast.
  10. spanks!
  11. I did when I got the helmet lights
  12. Bought a lot of stuff from them lately....didn't knew I could donate to PNW...will sure do from now on.
  13. vagrant

    vagrant »-(¯`·.·´¯)-> PNW

    Where are said prizes? is only a year old and has just started up a really cool monthly giveaway. :ninja:
  14. I just seen this earlier this week when I got a pair of RF-1000 Cheek pads there, and made sure a donation came here. Does that make me a sponsor now? =P
  15. Had not known about New Enough. Took a look at the sight and great selections.
    My next purchase will be from them.
    Thanks Beans for the eye opener
  16. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    Don't forget that you can get a 10% off your next purchase coupon from them if you join their mailing list.

    (and I always give the buck to pnwr on each purchase)
  17. Not sure how my post against the spammer ended up on this post. but disregard previous statement
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  18. Roger

    Roger Tri-Me

  19. +1