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Call out to all meadows riders

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by tornaido, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. We just had our first dusting of snow on the mountain this week and I'm pumped. 8 Lives and I are riding every weekend, some weekdays and looking for people to go with us. i snowboard and he skis, so were open to everyone. season passes are still $524 until november 4th. great way to get over the winter doldrums when we cant jump on our bikes. pm or post up and we'll make it happen. 8 Lives has a 4x4, comfortably seats 5, If you have a 4x4 car/truck that helps too.
  2. You can count me in for a few days. Can't wait!

  3. you get your bike fixed?
  4. I would like to throw out some pricing for people who are interested in skiing. As Tornaido mentioned the tickets are $524 until November 4th after that they double in price. A single day pass is $74 dollars during off-peak times and $89 during peak times. Peak days are December 26-31, 2012, as well as Saturdays & Sundays in January & February. If you do the math you can see it takes just over seven trips at off-peak pricing to cover the cost of the pass and if you were to go during peak times it takes even less. I want to also mention this is the first year that Meadows will be using RFID chips in the season passes so getting up the lift should be pretty fast.
  5. kind of you to offer; we have weekday pass and avoid weekends not enjoying the crowds and long lines. if you want to go up during the week throw me a pm or heads up. I have been driving a Passat wgn 4motion since 2004 with studded Nokias that rarely sip or slide.

    you might have to dump me on the slopes, I am known as being too slow for the kids.
  6. Nope. Haven't been on a ride in over a month. You find a replacement yet?
  7. This is turning into a depressing topic. I'm waiting until spring. Glad you're down to ride this winter.
  8. Of course. I'm pretty fast and like to ride the park. John is slower.
  9. I'm still debating on meadows or a fusion pass.
  10. Wow those prices date me quite a bit. I remember when Vail, Copper Mountain, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Keystone, Mary Jane, etc could all be had for 25 to 35 per 1983. crackup:
  11. You don't really wanna ride at timberline do you?
  12. I had a fusion two seasons ago, and a meadows last season. trust me...get a meadows:)
  13. I just like avoiding lines... Hmmm
  14. I don't think those RFID gates speed anything up at all. The gates are a cost savings/profit increasing measure. Less lifties with scanner guns, less likely to give their friends free trips up.

    When it's crowded, good lifties fill all the chairs going up. That's the limiting factor. And with less lifties with the scanner gates, there is more cutting and bad manners.

    You want less lines, check out White Pass. It's a bit longer to get there, but you don't sit in a traffic jam on the way home or have to deal with the speed traps in Sandy.

    just my 2 cents.
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  15. That sounds pretty sweet. Whats the terrain like? Anything that compares to meadows?
  16. Go mid week and you won't hit lines. There's really only lines on weekends at Meadows (mostly). I avoid weekends like the plague at Meadow's.
  17. I have a night pass for meadows, only $129! I have a awd subi with studs if anyone wants to go. I go every sunday night and what ever other day I can pull getting off early at work.
    pm or text me to set something up.
  18. If anyone wants to tag along later, I have a big Tundra with room for 3 in the back. We can all split gas (cash). But we will only be doing it on the weekends and leaving at around 9AM and be done by 6 or 7 at the latest. My friend and I are more of blue runs because we are that hardcore with the diamonds. I'll be posting up some Meadows trips in advanced! So whoever might want to go too, let me know!
  19. My wife, son and I have season passes for Meadows.

    We roll up in my "sno-wagon". It's a 99 A6 Avant with heated front and rear seats, studLESS winter tires (hate studs), a full audio/video system with a couple screens, and a Thule rack with a big Yakima box for the gear.

    We leave bright and early (rolling out of the Salmon Creek area of Vancouver at 6:30am) so we get into the main lot. Just how we do it. When the spring weather hits, we'll often take up the BBQ and tailgate for lunch...


    We'll be up most weekends. my son will be with us a couple weekends a month.

    I can ride anywhere at meadows. Love Heather, Jacks Woods, and anywhere with fresh pow. Doesn't need to be uber steep for me to have fun. Don't like mogul fields though. I can do park, but it's not my passion. The wife skis and cruises the greens and blues. She's building up her skills and endurance. My 6 year old son is going on his 4th season skiing (started at 3) and is a little ripper. he can ride all the quads, do every blue run and has started dropping a few of the blacks in the bowls. He lives for jumps and has a blast in the parks and halfpipe. He also adores tree runs. At 4' tall and 45 pounds, he's a little shredder.


    Hoping for a good season this year. 8)
  20. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I've got passes to everything, and now I've got a house up here. I'll be out shredding a lot. Wednesday nights at Meadows, weekends for contests at meadows, and every other time I'll be at Timberline because Meadows is a shit show on anything but weekdays!