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Calling on the Community, HELP! Stolen Bikes

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by That One Guy, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. PNW Community,

    We are asking your help in finding several stolen bikes. Last week Tom Young (cornerstone of our community, OMRRA and owner of PSSR) was ripped off.

    From Tom,

    Hi Everybody,
    Seems as though collecting real cool sport bikes is attractive to great people and dirt bag losers.
    i just experienced a big theft.

    so if you see or hear of the following:

    1990 RC30 900 miles original cond.
    1992 ZX7R “
    1986 GSXR750LTD. “
    2001 MHe. “
    1999 Bimota DB4 300 miles.
    1976 Triumph T120R black/gold
    1966. “ TR6R. flat tracker black tank, red strips.
    and related parts.

    contact me 503-320-247five, compmotors@gmail
    or 911
    or Det. Jason Harris PPD 503-793-928nine

    persons of interest would be Ryan McGinnis and Jesse James Hall, whereabouts currently unknown.

    Thanks you guys!


    Many of us have seen these bikes face to face, but I am working on getting photos from Tom to post. Please keep watchful eye on the web and out on the streets and call if you see anything. Please help us get these back to Tom.

    Be safe out there.
  2. kawidude88

    kawidude88 formerly gsxrdude24

    Honestly hope you get your property back without damages. I hate propel that steal shit

  4. Will keep a look out and spread the news. Sorry to hear about it. Have had 4 stolen myself and the cops did find 1.
  5. I'm sorry - did I read that post right?
    ALL of those rides were stolen? Together???