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Can I borrow a chain tool?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Monster4570, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Anybody around Wenatchee have a chain riveting tool they would be willing to let me borrow Friday?

    I bought a new chain at Bent Bike less than a month ago (1000 miles) and it's totally shot.:angry7: They didn't have what I wanted so I bought a "heavy duty" non o-ring chain, thought it would get me by for a while. Nope.

    So I'm gonna be at a friend's house in Wenatchee on Friday and thought it a fine time to put a good chain on.
  2. If you cant find one im sure Mitch out in Cashmere Repair would be more than willing to give you a hand, great guy.

  3. Is that the guy on Sunset, by the gas station?
  4. Yeap
  5. So why do you need a chain tool? Are you not wanting to use a master link or what? Or do you just need to shorten your new chain?
  6. I don't want to use a clip style, and would prefer not to pay a shop to install.

    I found that this chain had lost the clip somewhere between 400 & 600 miles, noticed when lubing. Don't know how long I was riding down I5 at 70mph with no clip on the master, I bought another master & replaced it, but that was kinda scary. :scared I don't think I want to use a clip style again.

    I'm not sure what what wrong with this chain. I'd take it back if I was still over there (and had the receipt). There was A LOT of rust coming out of the links almost immediately, severe stretching, WAY too much sideways flex,now there is lengthwise play from pin to pin. Yes, notable lengthwise play from one pin to the very next pin.

    I lube the shit outa this chain, have since the start, especially after I noticed the accelerated wear.

    My only guess is that it was the cheapest low tensile strength 520 chain in all of China.
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  7. That happen to us on the way down to Laguna. The clip fell off. three times I lost the clip. We stopped at some bike shop in No Cal. I got a new chain but we had to beat the link off. We used silicone to hold the new clip on. Not the link just the little clip.
  8. What's the link count on the chain you need? I've got a spare that fits my Fiz lengthwise, so if you need one that bad it's yours.....
  9. Thanks, but I picked one up yesterday. Had to go with a clip style master but a much higher quality chain. I have high hopes. Oh, and evidently it's a 530 chain also.

    Thank you for the offer Dart.
  10. There's nothing wrong with a clip-style master link, I've been upwards of 130mph on multiple occasions, on multiple bikes, with clip style links, and never had a problem, I think you probably got the $19.99 China special......