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Canyon run!

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Matin99, May 31, 2005.

  1. Anyone up for twisties and long straights. Dustin came up with this great idea to take this trip. Thanks Dustin. Anyways I was wondering if 21st or 22nd would be a good day. My bike will be rebuilt and needed to break-in.

    Buell Man.
  2. Should be able to eaither day after noon.....

  3. Radial. This ride will incompus all, at least from what Ive been hearing.

    Plaboy, how many hours to complete this ride?

    Buell Man.
  4. Where exactly is this "canyon ride"?

  5. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Fighter has a good question. What is the "Cannon ride"? Are you talking the Grand Cannon? now that would be a ride!

  6. Plaboy take the lead. Would you clear up for :mrgreen: everyone! After all your the inspiration on this one I simply posted it, thanks...

    Buell Man.
  7. OK Guys and Gals....

    Pull out of Pullman heading toward Boyer Park, pass the turn off, keep going till hit the other Park at base of mountian which is on the snake... Take a stretchy, jump some cliffs, and off for a 30 -40 mile ride to Clarkston. Where you then hit the Spiral Highway, accending the incline and return back to Pullman.
    OK OK so I have no idea the highways #s nor the park names, but it is a great ride along with some spectacular view.... A nice breeze on an occassion from the water.
    Consist of open road, scenic byway and considerable twisties... Great for all levels and cruisers.
    Can't Wait

  8. I enjoy riding out to Boyer Park, except for when the sun is setting cause it blinds you going into those huge dropoff corners.

    I hear the damn is back open again as well.
  9. Show up and bring everyone you know...

    Buell man.
  10. Hey, we almost did that route in reverse a few weeks ago. But someone ran out of fuel in their frame. I'm in for an afternnon run. Which day 21st or 22nd? Where are we meeting?
  11. Welcome to the board spudman. Ooooooh greatt.....another Buell hehe
  12. Thanks for the welcome beansbaxter! :lol:
    Yep another Buell to listen to. Hope we can hook up for a ride sometime.
  13. Spudman. Maybe South Side Minnie Mart on Troy highway. Im not shure what day yet, any suggestions...

    Buell Man:)
  14. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    I think this is the run we're ganna take Monday...

  15. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Hey Spud, i wonder who would be dumb enough not to put gas in the frame? LOL! I'm glad i took pictures. crackup:
  16. Can't do the Monday run, 2PM design review at work, poop! But I'm keeping things open for the 21/22 afternoon run. Martin99 and Shwaa, thanks for the clue in on this forum! Any ETA on the return of the XB12S?
  17. Spudman. Your welcome...ETA 7 days. Hey who puts gas in the frame anyway? I believe gas goes in the gastank:)

    Buell Man.
  18. OK Buelly Guys....

    It might acually make since that the statement "gas in the frame" was used, The engineers of buell have devised liquids running throught the frame for center of grafity orientation, mostly oil I think is common, but many choopers are using this pheat to minimize looks.

    Chalk one up for the Buell guys!!!!! Engenous!