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SOLD! Cargo Van / Two Bikes / Misc Parts (Package Deal)

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Abyss, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Location: Seattle Area
    Contact Method, Texts only please. Two Zero Six - Nine Two Three - Eight Three Nine Seven

    I’m looking to get rid of two motorcycles and the cargo van that they are stored in.

    What I have:

    • 2007 Chevrolet - Chevy Express G3500
    • 2006 GSX-R600 (race)
    • 2008 GSX-R600 (street)
    • Pit Bull front and rear stand
    • Extra rims and take offs + rain tires
    • Air Compressor
    • Miscellaneous Parts

    The van is in rough shape, the ignition column will have to be replaced to run, and it needs emissions and new tires.

    The 2006 GSX-R600 is race prepped per WMMRA’s requirements, and while it hasn’t run in several years, it was working fine when I last raced it in 2013.

    The 2008 GSX-R600 saw a lowside over at The Ridge. Broken triple tree and dented exhaust can.

    What I need from you:

    Package deal, take possession of all three vehicles and miscellaneous gear from me. The two bikes are tied down to Condor wheel chocks in the back of the van. I will sign the title over to you. Since the ignition has been destroyed by an attempted theft, the van will need to be towed. I may be able to help with that using my AAA membership.

    Imgur Album with pictures of the van and some shots of the bikes.

    Best offer, not trying to recoup my costs.