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Carson Cougar 9/16

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Stringcheese, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I'm going to do the loop, but it needs to be early. Weather should be great, get it while it lasts. I plan to go CCW unless someone tells me Washougal river road is still closed.

    Meet at 9am at burgerville 4th plain and NE 162nd.

    KSU at 9:30.

    Pace is your own, I'll wait at stops and turns. C'mon out!
  2. Interested. What's CCW? And yea they're still workin on it.

  3. Means he is going out to Carson first then up and around to Cougar. Also, if the bridge is still out, there is a bypass that will take you to WRR just east of the Hughes Rd jct.

    Would love to do this run, but won't be home until Monday evening. :x
  4. Oh thNks. And looks like I'm out now. Gonna have to work now. If anybody knows somebody who's a CNA and a good responsible worker and needs a job, send them my way. Getting good help has been a bitch lately.
  5. Have to see how good my Saturday night goes.
  6. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Two more.......:ninja:
  7. Those tar snakes between Cougar and Amboy are super slippery. When did those appear?
  8. There was a truck, crew and a guy with a magic tar wand slopping things around when I came through last Saturday.
  9. Possible. Rear tire needs scrubbed in.
  10. Mid August. :angry5:
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  11. Most of the tar snakes can be avoided if you bypass that stretch of 503 and take the county road instead.

    See my crudely done google map. I've ridden this a couple times in the last 2 weeks, and it's clean road. You just have to deal with the snakes in the 25 zone through Amboy.

    Also, doesn't look like I'm going to make this ride. Could if it was an hour later, but oh well. I might go the other way at 10:30 and wave when we pass each other.
  12. This is the Bypass I take when coming from Yacolt


    Might make this ride
  13. I haven't rode in about 2wks which is way to long. So looking forward to this ride. :mfclap:
  14. In +2 from beaverton :devil:
  15. Oh hell if Ivan is in then I have to come too. :popcorn:


    A few of us were talking about maybe going on to Johnston Ridge after hitting Cougar. So if anyone else is interested we can chat about it when we stop at the gas station in Cougar.
  16. I can be at FP store unless you are taking Livingston I can meet at WRR we can run around the construction by going above the track
  17. My plan is to come down Blair and instead of turning left like normal to turn right and head into the shoug to 14 and then out through Cape Horn. Unless someone else has an idea to get around the construction...
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