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Carson Cougar loop anyone?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by bgt595, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Myself and some friends are gonna hit the Carson Cougar loop tomorrow 9/30 if anyone's interested...... Not a super fast pace..... Just some sight seeing and such.......

    We are meeting at Camas Starbucks 19215 Southeast 34th Street, Camas, WA
    at 10:30ish with a KSU at 11(ish).

    Come on out and enjoy the weather....... The NFL season is just starting (again)

    Hope to see some friendly and familiar faces.:mrgreen:
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  2. carefull .. the road cas a few cracks in the tight corners.. and there is a dip and a few upheaves that feel like speed bumps.. granted i went yesterday and it had been more than 6 months since i went last time .. also there is some tar snakes .. one caught me of guard (dirty bastard that it was).. have a great trip .. it was so peacefull on friday


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  3. I'm in and Camas does not have a have a Starbucks. Believe it or not that's Vancouver.
  4. Going to try and work my way up there
  5. In, but I'll probably be there closer to 11AM.
  6. Running couple min late hope to see you
  7. Starbucks is actually att
    291 C st Washougal Washington.

    I apparently suck!!!! My bad guys
  8. Besides the meet up miscue it was a great ride through one of my favorite roads.......nice to see some new faces..... Hope y'all had fun and made it home safe.
  9. went by the starbucks on 34th by 11am, didn't see anyone though on my way out I saw two other riders probably looking for the same, anyway those two pulled into Chevron and got gas, i split and ran some errands.. good day otherwise
  10. Fun ride today! You set a good pace bgt595 :thumbrig:





  11. Hmmmm Rich, Brent, Patrick, Ivan, and a bunch of new faces. Looks like you guys had a good time up on St. Helens too.
  12. YEEESSS .... Nice day for a ride :mfclap:nice to see you guys :mrgreen:and to t 1 n t katana: next time....:devil:
  13. Hey Brent I had a good time even if I couldn't keep up with you. Jasso I still small ya������
  14. The dust was seriously flying on the climb up from Carson.......

    Shit, that Katana brought back some seriously fond memories from my Suzuki days.......

    Mat, there were two distinct groups and both knew what their capabilities were...... No worries and no problems...... Well except that I gave the wrong meet up location........ You know I just wanted to keep the kids on their toes!!!:devil:
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