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Carson/Cougar loop Sunday 8/5

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Stringcheese, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I'll be doing the loop Sunday.

    Meet at Krispy Kreme at padden pkwy. and andresen.

    Meet up 9am, KSU 9:30

    Pace is your own. We wait at all stops and turns, no pressure no worries.

    Plan on 3.5 or 4 hours couve to couve 130 miles +/-

    See you then.
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  2. Yes I can read but have to ask - is this a Cougar->Carson ride or a Carson->Cougar ride? I ask because everyone says Carson/Cougar even when going the opposite direction.

    I am thinking of doing a Cougar->Windy->Carson ride on Saturday or Sunday and don't want to hijack your ride but if it is Cougar->Carson maybe we could ride to Pine Creek together. :mrgreen:
  3. Personally, Cougar -> down Old man pass -> turn around at the bottom -> up old man pass -> down to cougar is a better ride than doing the whole loop. You get to do old man pass 2x and pine creek 2x and it's literally the same distance w/o slabbing SR-14. And since I don't like beer, I could give a rip about walking man or whatever. :)

    Not sure what Jeff's doing though.
  4. This is a Carson to Cougar ride. While I agree that doing it up and back is fun if there's no other considerations I don't like going though an area twice within a couple hours. I can almost bet my next paycheck that our Skamania Co. Sheriff friend will be out and I don't want to go by him twice in a short time span. Besides, that early WRR should be pretty decent.
  5. Wrr has a bridge out. Case you didn't know
  6. WRR is closed at the bridge and has a recent chip seal treatment.

    I agree about the multiple passes thru the same area but SR14 is tedious.
  7. Have a Sunday Battle Ground, Cougar, Windy Ridge, Steveson, back to Vancouver run scheduled. Will see you out there.
  8. Yep no WRR currently Jeff. There are a few other fun roads through Washougal though that will get you around the bridge and to Salmon Falls road though. Just depends how much time you want to spend in the area when you have all the fun stuff on St. Helens waiting for you.
  9. Damn. I was not aware of the bridge and chip seal issue. Ok, route will be out to pine creek, over old man pass to the bottom, then back again. Without WRR it'll be too much slab on 14. Meet spot changed, see the OP.
  10. I may see you guys Sunday if I don't get enough interest in my Windy ride. It is a race weekend at PIR so a lot of the usual suspects will be there.

    I may break off at Pine Creek to head up to the ridge still if I do but it would be fun to ride with y'all to the station at least. :ninja:
  11. Still new at this..what's op? Where meet spot for this ride? Thinking about joining :)
  12. Warped Tour sunday, I'll be riding Saturday, Yall have fun and be safe!
  13. OP is original post. We'll meet at Krispy Kreme on Andresen, just north of padden pkwy where the wednesday standing ride leaves from. Same parking lot as the home depot. Come on out, this should be a good ride.
  14. Krispy Kreme
    8517 Northeast Andresen Road
    Vancouver 98665

    In case you want to map it.

    I'm in for this ride :)
  15. Pace? Newb like myself friendly?

    I want something that I can wear a t shirt and some flippy flops on. It's too hot for me to go out looking like a power ranger

    :secret: in (on the GSXR, too lazy to swap tanks on the tard today)
  16. And I'll wear an evening dress with strappy heels! Great fun!
  17. Stop playing with my emotions. I'm in a fragile state right now and may revert to leg humping at any moment.
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