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Cascade Loop

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Thaloc, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Did the Cascade Loop yesterday with a few fine gentlemen. What. A. Blast. Best ride this year, and best one I have had in the last few years. Up over Hwy 20 from Pateros. Stopped in Winthrop for breakfast. Up over the mountains and some of the best twisty road our state has to offer. Took the ferry to Port Townsend had some lunch, Ferried out from Kingston to the mainland and made our way home over Stevens Pass. Set out at 7am and didnt make it home till 10pm-ish. 450 miles and 137,643 dead bugs.

    Had to stop twice coming over Stevens to squeegee my visor so I could actually see.

    Thanks guys for the great ride! I think another long one before the season is out is called for.

    Breakfast in Winthrop;

    Rest stop and view point above Diablo Lake;




    Bathroom stop and to check Ferry schedule;

    On the Ferry;
    (First on, first off is pretty cool, we were like the Ferry First Class)


    Brian is pretty cool, (He does ride a Buell);

    Im pretty cool myself;

    Firsts Class waiting area for the Ferry;

    I didnt take anymore pics as it was getting dark, I had a dark smoke shield visor, and was in a slight hurry to get off the mountain before I couldnt see.

  2. Oh and to end it all. We stopped in Leavenworth before heading into Wenatchee, some kid stops in the middle of the road next to us (we are on a shoulder parking space) and says "I bet my car is faster than your bikes!" and tries to burn out(in a green Jetta LOL) almost kills it. Brian and I take off before the rest of the group, and this kid would pull next to us on the highway, match speed and dive the brakes, speed up, dive the brakes, we go around him, he repeats. I get fed up and get far enough ahead of him and put a few cars between us. He catches up to me in Wenatchee, pulls up next to me at a light and says "Pull over and see what happens!" I laughed at him and continue home. As I stop at the next light, this fuck pulls up so close he hits my rear tire. I was on both brakes so I didnt even come close to dropping the bike. But one of the screws that holds his license plate on fell off, so his plate is hanging sideways from his now cracked front bumper, pressed up against my tire.

    The responsible thing to do would have been pull over an call the cops in a public place, adrenalin made me do something else.... I grabbed a handful of front brake, revved, dumped the clutch, spun the back tire and sent what was left of his license plate and front bumper flying through the air. Pulled through the intersection and pulled over with Brian, the guy just drove by.

    White kid, tattoo on left upper arm, wearing some old smelly looking baseball cap, early 20's maybe, Green Jetta, fucked up front bumper and no license plate up front unless he went back for it. Watch out for this guy in the Leavenworth to Wenatchee area.

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    Sounds like a great ride. I'm overdue to hit 20, etc.

    My question:


    Where did you get this yummy looking treat????? :mfclap:

    (note my signature)
  4. You actually counted all the dead bugs?
  5. Sorry I couldn't make it this time guys... along with the hot weather came an awesome summer cold. I'm feeling better now so next time! Let's get a date on the schedule.

    Sorry to hear about your encounter with the cage dumbass. You shoulda went and picked up his license plate and called it in. Thanks for the headsup though... I'll be on the lookout for him.
  6. Doc's Grill at the Marina in Port Townsend. It was good, but nothing to write home about.
  7. im so glad i carry my pistol every time i ride for reasons like that. were the wheels silver and like a 5 spoke? i might have an idea of the car and driver
  8. Great riding with you (I'm the guy with the 'Busa). Will definately have to repeat.

    What a douche' in the Jetta! We were all laughing about him, no idea he was really being suck a dick! Wow, scary to say the least. I think it'd be a great idea to call the police just the same to report him, who knows what he's up to if he was doing all that crappy stuff to you! The girl in the front looks like she almost got a concussion when he almost killed it trying to burn out by us.

    I usually carry and next time will for sure, these kinds of drivers are inches away from killing us bikers.
  9. Yeah, she wasnt too happy with him when he was talking shit, and almost irate when he hit me. She was like "WTF ARE YOU DOING!! STOP IT!!! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!?!?!" I could hear her, Im pretty sure he isnt getting a second date. Either way, picking a fight with a guy in full armor and wearing some nasty gloves isnt the smartest thing in the world so...
  10. Looks like you guys had a great ride. We obviously picked the wrong day. Saturday was beautiful, headed over 2 to the Airshow at Arlington. Spent the night with friends in Oak harbor. Sunday it rained from OH to Anacortes, then from about Newhalem to Hwy 97. Got a few stretches of heavy rain (heavy enough to feel through the arms of the 'stich).
    Then right around Rainy Pass it started lightning and hailing. Holy crap!! Just about 2" of pea sized hail in about a mile. Stopped at the bottom of the hairpin to pull the saddle out of my colon, and we met a guy from NV touring the west on his GS who stopped to do the same. lol. Pretty much poured off and on until Pateros.

    Only good thing was the 'stich kept me warm and dry for the whole ride.

    I'm kinda bummed that I didn't bring along the little video camera thingie, that would have been a cool thing to catch. (yeah, I laugh about it now......)

    Bottom of Liberty Bell, couple of dumbassed motorcyclists, standing out in the pouring rain.

    Oh wait, here was another good thing from the ride, a 'growler' of Oatmeal Stout to go.
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