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CBR250 and Moto Guzzi ride...with close call.

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by Hemi, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. This is me and a co worker riding home, He drives a Moto Guzzi norge. It's about a 30 min drive but edited down for youtube.

    Check out the close call at 2:57

    WATCH IN IN HD, and sorry but a few clips are really loud (we were using 2 cameras.

    CBR250r and a Moto Guzzi norge in Seattle WA. - YouTube
  2. That was a close call... But EASILY avoidable.

  3. True, still learning though.
  4. try not to get into someone else blind spot... even if they put you in it...
  5. That's not what I would consider a "close call". It has to be much closer and no escape route to easily take, to be considered close.
    Or within 1 foot. If they come within 1 foot after I've tried to get clear. That's a "close call".

    Over the years the gap gets smaller. Even with the best riding skills and paying close attention all the time. Your type of "close call" happens every day. Wont even notice them after a while.
    That's why for me it's under a foot. Or if I have to left a leg to avoid being smushed.
  6. that wasnt exactly a "Close call" I have encounters like that all the time.

    Like said above GET OUT of the cages blind spot.
  7. Typical day on the road. Someone puts their turn signal on at the same time they change lanes without looking. Turn signal gives you the right to just move on over right?
  8. I was expecting a car to crash right in front of you or something. As others have said, that's not really a close call. It's a sad truth that you'll probably have to get used to people doing that to you, and you're going to have to get good at handling it safely.

    In the future you'll probably want to focus on your emergency braking skills. You don't have quite enough power to get out of many situations you'll encounter like that, though this one was a rather relaxed lane change.
  9. ...and horn much??? Also a harley saying but "loud pipes save lives"