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cda/ spokane riders

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by gyanzick, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Why is it that seattle, Portland, Hell even the tricities actually use this forum to, connect with other riders and get group rides going but, the north idaho forum is so lacking? Still don't have da interwed in dem parts? :popcorn:
  2. bahahahahahahahaha .Our season is shorter ... Lots of college kids whod rather "POSE" than ride .. there are places ..Stateline has Thunder Alley Bar with the burnout pit and thunder thursdays .. I found PNW to be really quiet , besides the area by nature I have found since moving here is "VERY CLICKISH"
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  3. Besides ... Have you been outside or is the bar your drinking in have heat ...Besides not being street legal - running DOT Race tires - Its Just TOO DERN Cold sucka hehehehe
  4. Well when I make it back home I'm expecting a warm welcome. There are some roads I'm looking forward to riding.
  5. The CDA and NO ID riders should connect with the Spokane / Eastside group - much activity there and some of dem actually do ride, too.

  6. i would have thought this already happens, but no?
  7. Having lived in Seattle for years I'd found that 1) their season isn't that much longer unless you're willing to spend a lot of time miserable, riding in the cold and rain (commuters excepted) and 2) riding 50 or 100 or more miles to get out of the traffic. If your idea of riding is railing up and down I 90 or I 5 or 405 well then, that's different. But for those of us that prefer secondary roads, that are less travelled and have lots of corners to enjoy, we
    are heaven over here compared to Puget Sound.

    As for joining up with other riders, the Puget Sound area is vast - takes way longer to join up with riders there than anything we'd deal with - besides, most of can be riding great roads with little traffic around here in a matter of minutes.

    Most of the time getting a few pals together to avoid a major fiasco is far better than trying to organize a major ride and having the issues that usually happens when you get 20 sport bikes together.

    If the CDA and Post Falls guys want to ride they should check out the Eastside
    forum occasionally.

  8. normally do these - this next year will be no different except for I get to ride HA HAA

    ? < :) > ?
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  9. About time! :mfclap:
  10. i agree-would much rather ride these roads,(alone) but i don't think i made my point clearly.sometimes i do that.
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