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celebration ride!

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Solow89, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. My daughter was born on wednesday and this saturday i want to get on two wheels to commemorate her joining us in this world...and to have some fun!

    i will be leaving from silverdale kohls parking lot at 1pm. path is yet to be decided. more than likely a dewatto run or thorndyke.

    all levels of riders are welcome, this will be a spirited ride.

  2. thank you very much!
  3. Thanks everyone, sittin here now!
  4. Were are you? I'm at the silverdale mall kohls by the rock wal
  5. Between silver city and kohl, leaving in 15 if no show.
  6. Can't make the ride but congrats on the little un
  7. Congrats and please be careful...I don't want to hear that something happened to you on the ride to commemorate her life.
  8. hey ninja500, sorry i didnt see you. I ended up goin home because my jacket's zipper broke off and i need to get it fixed (im not comfortable without my jacket). but if you wanna ride tmr morning im good! sorry once again.
  9. Sorry I worked today and I didn't know where we were meeting cause their was a big motorhome sale in the lot.
  10. A little late... Congratulations!
  11. Yea I didn't know there was gonna be that sale either, they were parked in the normal meet spot

    Thanks! And thanks to everyone else as well.