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Centerville- Don't release the hounds!

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by infidel, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. On my morning commute to Goldendale, I was just east of Centerville when a pack of four dipshit dogs ran into the highway to greet/chase my bike. This is the second time it's happened (So I was ready). The resident had claimed that, "I try to keep them from doing that." I believe whatever her methods are, they are ineffective :tard:

    If anyone out there can tell me how to get a screen-grab from a GoPro vid, I'll post a pic.

    Stay safe! :mrgreen:
  2. I'd be willing to bet that's the same one that came running after Jackal's heel earlier this year. Just above Lyle before you start to come down the hill??

  3. Different place.

    Just barely east of Centerville as the road goes N/S. House & barn on the west side of the road.

    One black dog.
    One white dog.
    Two short dogs (Corgis?)
  4. it's 2012 and we *still* don't know who let the dogs out?!
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  5. that's pretty easy. Connect it to your pc and load it with whatever video player you want. Pause it on the scene, then hold shift and press print screen (usually upper right of keyboard). Open up paint and go to Paste. An image of your screen will load, simply crop out the image and save as a jpeg, bitmap etc....
  6. That is elementary, my dear. Download and install a video player called VLC Media Player (Trust me, I'm an IT guy). This program plays almost anything you can throw at it. All you have to do is open your GoPro video file in VLC, get to the part you want a snapshot of, click pause, right click anywhere in the video screen and click the snapshot button. Magically, your snapshot will appear in your Pictures folder.

    Good luck!
  7. crackup:
  8. repped
  9. Awesome! I'm sure the Busa could handle a couple of pooches... crackup:
  10. Perhaps they do not like your Busa or the sound of your exhaust - the latter most likely is the root of the issue.

    Just carry a paint ball gun a few rounds will probably have a positive effect on their future actions
  11. Awww the corgi looking one in the road is pretty cute ^_^

    reminds me of:
    Back when i had a ratty gs550, i used a shortend golf club to short the solenoid to start it that i kept tucked in the seat strap, one time riding home (back when i lived dowtownish hr)

    A dog ran out and was chasing my friend and me on our bikes, we ignored it and when i got to my house a few blocks down the road it was bounding toward us. So i grabbed my club and start running at it... It was hard to tell which was more terrified, the pet or the owner who had come out looking for his dog...and thats how you deal with dogs, chase them with golf clubs in full leathers.
  12. its the little ones you have to watch out for they are crafty
  13. I agree with all that, except "paint ball".

    Actually, I don't think they are bad dogs. I'd just hate to see someone biff it because of them.