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Chain breaker needed

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Fighterama, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Putting a new RK X ring and some renthal sprockets on the princess, need a chain breaker/press/riveter to get the job done. Anyone have one I can borrow?

  2. I do, but I'm all the way in Clarkston. :shock:

  3. Ive got 2 bikes :twisted:

    Gonna be around tomorrow or thurs? meet in the middle?

    anyone local have one?

  4. Yeah, we could meet thursday if ya want. I work tomorrow, although I could probably sneak a way up to colfax depending on how tired I am and how far I get in this Patho class I'm taking online. Holler at me tomorrow. 509-552-5867.
  5. Have you tried Harbor Freight tools? They carry cheaper imported tools usually, (although some of the tools from India are good quality) but they all have a short warranty and this kind of tool is not what you use often anyway...
  6. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

  7. Just go buy one from westside you cheap-ass!! I had to!...although I've heard you can do it with a dremel tool.

  8. They are expensive for a good one and you use them every what 10-15k.
    You can take them off with anything that cuts but its pressing the master link on that you should use the press. Chain breakage=big case repair + big hospital bill

    Hey fighter- Interested in doing a write up on the chain and sproket change out? With maybe a couple pics. It would be a good thing to have in the mechanical section, I will make it a sticky if interested. If you don't have the time how about a product review on the renthal sprockets and the RK chain-again the same.

    I would like to have some articles available for members that cover some common maintenence procedures and the main points of concern.
  9. ummm....I changed mine at 31k miles and the chain/sprockets were still within factory spec very easily according to Westside.
  10. John, Ship yours to me UPS! Im a little on the broke side after spending some cash on insurance stuff, painting my house, etc etc etc, so the hundie a chain tool was gonna cost didnt sound too appealing.

    LRG, Ill take pix, give a good amount of info (even though it will be on a single sided swinger), and post up the whole ordeal. Also try to give some info on the sprockets and chain, Im excited to try the X ring jobber.

    Beans-- Man up on that bitch and ride it a little harder! I just destroyed a chain (a serious 3" of slack, it can skip a tooth now) in 13k of hard riding on the duc. You gotta get that big pig goin around corners a little faster!

    Thanks for the info all, more later.

  11. Son of a bitch....

    Turns out Indysuperbikes neglected to mention you needed to buy a carrier with the sprockets they offer. Assholes. Cancelled that order, called around to SEVERAL places in the west. Ordered up new AFAM sprocket AND carrier, X ring chain from DucSea, they were gracious enough to give me a $25 cut on the price and ship here thurs or fri. Guess ill get that chain breaker thurs sometime.

    And Alaz, thanks for the info on DucSea, they had what I needed and were very courteous.

  12. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    if you can wait till friday, i will bring you my riveter. it's kind of cheezy, but it does the job... use a dremel to break the chain. worked great for me...
  13. Well the chain wont be up till fri most likely, so I might take you up on that. You gonna be in town anyways or somethin? Also, no dremel, but Im guessing my die grinder oughta do the trick. Id be game if you were wanting to bring it up, is it a press as well? Thatd be RAD.....

  14. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    A dremmel and channel locks is all you need, and maybe a flat screw driver. I have done three chains on mine within a two month period, thats how did am all. Takes about 15 minutes when you get figured out.
    For this third and hopefully final chain, I broke down and spent the big bucks on it. So it better not be stretching like the others.

    Good Luck eric, if ya need to borrow a dremmel you can use mine. I live off of Rutter Parkway right up the hill from the 9-mile damn.
  15. I payed like 30 bucks or something for my chain breaker at westside, and it has worked great on more than just my bike. The problem is, you can only half-ass press the link when reconnecting it. I had to take it to Westside to have them finish the pressing.
    On the other hand, you could buy a "clip type" link but some people just don't like those...although if you don't have access to a press they're an excellent choice. I know of 4 bikes who use them and have NO problem with them.
    I forgot about your grinder...that should work just fine!

  16. Cool just post up and i will make it a sticky-Save a copy-eventually I would like to see a docs and info section to help all of us. Everyone should get to know how to do basic things on a bike-
  17. Johnny... I broke my clip type chain in 2nd gear in a wheelie and got very now I only do the press jobbies. Eric, codordo could just borrow mine if he's going up there tomorrow. I'll run it up to him if need be. I have the whole set, just give me a holler.
  18. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i'm leavin Pullman at 5:30. if E needs the set and you can bring it up, i'd be happy to haul it up there for him.
  19. I was just lookin at how I spelled your name Codordo.... its the spanish translation crackup:
  20. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    hah. yeah, actually my name is already Spanish :D