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changing Oil

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by rikkuss, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Was goin to do the 600 mile oil change. any idea what type / brand of oil to use. I was going to use mobil 1 10/40 synthetic.
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  2. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Check your manual. I've heard that sythetics should not be used until a few thousand miles, but your manual should specify.

  3. eeeek not another oil thread. im staying out of this one.
  4. After 3000 miles I put Amsoil full synthetic for wet clutches im my Sixxer. I have had no problems what so ever. My bike runs cooler and I feel like I get a little bit more protection for those long wheelies. IMO
  5. As long as you change it often it doesn't really matter. That being said I wouldn't go to synthetic until 1500-2000 mi make sure its good and broke in. At least that is the common consensus. I would go mobil1 synthetic motorcycle specific. Because its resonably priced, its good oil and you can get it at any shucks . If you are in a jam schucks has it so you don't need to find a motorcycle shop an amsoils dealer.

    Far as this change I would just use whatever is in it now-Kawi oil or whatever. I would pull it at 1500 or so and go synthetic then another 1000 and change again.
  6. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    here's what i did with the 6rr:

    at 12 miles, i dumped the dealer oil (who knows what they put in there, probably crisco), and put in a synthetic blend (i forget which at the moment, will check). then, at 12k, i took it back to the dealer for its check-up and had them put in Redline full synthetic.

    i've got almost 3k on it now.

    i've talked to a guy who's been doing this with his jap bikes for years with good results, but i'm taking his word for it, no experiece of my own.

    apparently, porshe and ducati come from the factory with fully synthetic oil in.

    one thing that i know for sure is this: when i changed from the blend to the full-synth redline, the shifting was WAY smoother, it was nice.
  7. That is one daaaaaamn sexah machine.

    On the oil, no comment this time.
  8. yes,i change my oil to much,cant help myself, first oil change was at 600 miles.i used yamaha crap,at 1000 miles i used ams oil, at 1500 miles i used fuchs silkolene,all these oils were 20 :thefinge: -50, 5 qts i will stay with fuchs oil for now.
  9. I think the best thing you can do is check your manual. Only because I have heard good things about full-synthetic, but I've also heard to only use FULL-synthetic on a dry clutch system because it's TOO slick and makes your clutch slip on "wet" systems. So, once again, check your manual. I personally just use regular or syn-blend (don't remember which) because I don't care about engine wear...I'll sell the bike before I see problems! :mrgreen: and I save money. Some of my friends have told me the "delco" or something like that in the big blue containers (sold at Walmart). Its diesel oil but I guess it's really good stuff and pretty cheap. You don't necessarily have to pay a grip either for CAN buy oil from Walmart BUT make sure it has the same rating (si, sg, sh...or something like that, I don't remember) Again....CHECK YOUR MANUAL AND YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!
  10. I agree with lil-johnny. I have used shell rotella and know people that use the stuff he is talking about. I never had any problems with it.