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Check this out

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by cordodor, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    Hey, check out this and send in those postcards...


    Join Operation Wrench or throw away your wrenches. It is up to
    you. For those of you who think we are crying the sky is falling; you had
    better take a closer look at what the EPA is proposing for motorcycles; and
    an even closer look at the things you love about your ride. When your bike
    came off the line it lacked a lot of things. A few changes in carb and cams
    and a little customizing made it your bike. That's part of our culture; our
    bikes are our love, our hobby, an extension of our expression, and a part of
    our being as well as a drain on our family budgets. However, if EPA has
    their way it will be a part of our history that we tell our Grandchildren
    about. No longer will the family garage be a place of learning and bonding
    between parents and their kids while they tinker on their bike. Their goal
    seems to be a California like emission, consideration of anti-tampering or
    prohibiting modifications. What you buy off the line is what you get; and oh
    yeah when you need work done on it, it will be back to the manufacturer with
    market prices being whatever they want. There will no longer be basket
    cases. Just crates from the factory. While you are out there in the wind
    enjoying the performance of your bike or thinking it could use some
    adjustment; think about this and make a personal commitment to help us fight
    EPA. Unfortunately this is going to be more of an uphill fight than ever
    The EPA has won the first battle DIVIDE AND CONQUER!
    AMA has decided to try to work with EPA and settle for compromises.
    The Executive Board of Illinois Abate and the MRF are committed we are going to stand and fight. We
    will not compromise our bikes and our culture. We know what this fight might
    cost, but what we lack in dollars, we make up for in heart and dedication.
    So Operation Wrench is launched. And it is our intention to toss a monkey
    wrench into the plans of the EPA. The plan is to start with a large public
    awareness campaign. It will begin with each of you. Talk to every person you
    ride with. Every rider you come across at a stop sign, parking lot or
    tavern. You're gonna have to care, and in turn make them care about what is
    going to happen. Start a conversation with anyone and everyone. Don't assume
    even that your fellow members of Abate or any other club or organization you
    may belong to has read any articles or MRF bulletins. Instead assume that
    they have no idea of what is going on. The EPA is still accepting public
    comments. We are urging everyone to send a postcard stating you oppose the
    restrictions of proposed RULE ANPRM A2000-01 on dirt bikes, ATVs and

    Send these cards to:

    If you find a motorcyclist, an aftermarket producer or custom shop who
    haven't written in, urge them to do so. Suggest they read the public
    comments filed by ABATE of Illinois ( ) and the Motorcycle
    Riders Foundation ( ). Sometime this fall, EPA will publish a
    proposed rule. Around the New Year, EPA will publish a final rule. In short,
    action to break the EPA chokehold should be in full swing now and through
    the rest of this year. We must recruit an army to protect our freedom. The
    emissions from our rides are minimal, less than a lawnmower in fact. The EPA
    should look to us and take note that we have the fuel efficient, economical
    means of transportation that more people should be encouraged to use. If you
    want to advance our rights and safeguard our lifestyle, the course is clear.
    Write to aftermarket producers whose products you buy. Tell them about the
    treat to their business and your freedom. Visit custom shops in your area.
    Explain the threat. Urge them to get involved. While you are at these shops
    and bars or any other areas the Motorcycling community frequents; tell them
    we are planning an awareness campaign and ask if they would permit us to put
    up posters and information at their place of business. Our movement was born
    in freedom. The Freedom to ride what we want. The Freedom to go where we
    dream. The freedom to wear what we like. If you don?t act now, with a
    resolve to fight this battle and the conviction to win, we can dream all we
    want and wear what we like. But our rides will be nothing but old


    Put it up in places that you frequent. Hand them to everyone you talk to and tell them to make copies and do the same-everywhere!!
  2. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    they are trying to do the same thing with cars. I worked at shcucks a year ago and there was a paticion that Schucks and Napa, joined together on. To help fight this. This thing is nation wide. If it goes into effect, you have to go to the dealer to even get parts, yet alone any service.
    So make sure you fight it!

  3. Nice post I will make it a sticky for a while.
    As a rider fan of anything fast and powered by a motor its good to take interest in these kinds issues.

    Its amazing in an administration and majority of congress that is anti-government by platform, we are being regulated more than ever as to what we can, and cannot do everyday. No I don't want a political debate just take an interest in things that concern you. The squeaky wheel gets the grease(cliche#177).

    And better yet instead of just writing a form letter using someone elses words and statements as being true. Ask your own questions and voice your concerns to actual people that live in our region where it could actually affect them and their job by how they treat you.

    Here is the link to our regions EPA site with phone numbers and contact info and forms.
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    One thing that people might want to take note of should they print out this letter for a shop or what not... there are several spelling mistakes in the letter that you will want to correct before printing. One is in the first time "threat" is used, it is mispelled "treat," and after that there is a word with a "?" embedded in it. I would recommend copying the whole document, pasting it in Word, editing it, and then printing it.

  5. Your a lazy admin, make the changes yourself! :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10:
  6. Whoa hes an admin-first I heard of that, I thought he was the resident critic :pottytra:

  7. Guff

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    I like to dabble here and there. :p