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Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Gnarly 928, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. They got BZ Corners to Glenwood road, from BZ to the turn north through the lake. They are planning soon on the Canyon Rd....
  2. Damn it all to Hell!!!

    It's nothing but tar-snakes and chip seal anymore. WTF happened to PAVING?????

    I'm getting a dirt bike.

  3. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    It seems like 50 miles of that crap (really, it is 5 max). We were just up there Saturday, and it is no fun.
  4. Tar snakes and chip seal are what we get when the economy is in the dumper and the state can't balance the budget. Prospering economies get good asphalt paving.

    There's a road that bypasses the new chip seal. If you are going north on 141, take a right at BZ corner; I think that it's called Rattlesnake Road. It goes straight to Glenwood. Rattlesnake Road was chip sealed a few years back, so it's settled down a lot and isn't nearly as bad as new chip seal.

    I'll fore go the temptation to go into a dissertation on the world economy, but I will say this; these ARE the good old days.
  5. I believe Rattlesnake starts in Husum and runs into the BZ-Glenwood Hwy.

    I wouldn't mind the chip-seal so much if it would at least get swept before it was reopened. I'm just pissy about roads getting half fixed.
  6. this handles chip seal really well

  7. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

  8. NOT Canyon Road!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry7:
  9. I saw some chip seal about to go down on Old Hwy. 8, around Rowland Lake near 14 this afternoon. Is that what you're thinking about? Canyon Road starts west of the bridge over the Klickitat River. I haven't been up Canyon Road so I'm not sure what's up, but I'll check it out in the morning on my way to work. I can take Canyon as an alternate route, but usually don't.

    Gee, it's tough having a commute like that. :mrgreen:
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  10. OK, I checked out some road this morning, here's what I found.

    On Klickitat-Appleton Road, there's about 1 mile of new chip seal up on a straight section up to the Canyon Road intersection. There is still loose gravel on this section, but it's rideable. There are also some fresh asphalt patches here and there on the ascent/downhill of Klicktiat-Appleton Road that are just a little sketchy.

    There is some chip seal activity on Canyon Road north of the Klickitat-Appleton intersection. I didn't ride it, but I'll check on that soon.

    As far as Canyon Road south of Klickitat-Appleton, there's no chip seal activity.

    Where there is fresh chip seal is on Old HWY 8. It runs parallel to 14 and Canyon Road intersects with it. I've been told that they are going to chip seal from Rowland Lake, on the west side, to the other end near the Klickitat River. In other words, all of it. The west side of Old HWY 8 has been the pits for a while; very bumpy and rough. Whether chip seal will improve things is yet to be seen.

    There was a sign change in the area at some point. The east end of Old HWY 8 used to be called Canyon Road. It's now called Old HWY 8, which makes sense.

    Anyway, I hope that this info is useful to you guys and gals.
  11. Id love for Canyon to get chip-sealed. way better than the gooey snakes on it, plus it's really fun to have it slippery for a week, seperates the big boys from the toddlers. :stir:
  12. And you get to separate the "toddlers" from the guardrails.
  13. Hmmm, so are people more likely to crash when they know the road has less traction and are being cautious, or when it has more traction but people are pushing it?
  14. I can slow way down to compensate for the lack of traction, but that takes the fun out of riding. After the some of the loose stuff gets thrown off to the side, the road is still marginal. The road then has inconsistent levels of traction, so the rider is still focusing on the road's shortcomings instead of enjoying the ride. When the road settles down a little more, it's super abrasive and wears out tires faster than any other surface you can ride on.

    I ride bicycles and I've found that riding on a freshly chip sealed road is like having the brakes on all the time. The roughness of chip seal causes lots of drag and is super inefficient. It's more or less the same for motorcycles, we just crank on more gas to compensate. That uses more gas and wears out tires.

    Chip seal is cheap for the state and county. And it really sucks.
  15. You'd think Klickitat County could afford real pavement, what with the profit from Roosevelt Dump...... taking in all the trash from Seattle and Portland....Two container-trains of trash each day...All that "stuff" being buried up on the bench above the river, then leaking down...adding to the "Soup" of toxins in the river from pesticide, Hanford Nukes, and the biggest dump in the West...

    Or at least they might get a better rock crusher....the 'chip' they use here in Klickitat County is about 1/2" diameter rocks....makes for a really crappy surface even after it sinks into the tar..

    Somewhere along the line, someone is taking a big Rake-Off....we get millions of metric tons of trash dumped on us and not much in return...At least we should get some decent asphalt out of this deal, right?

    One good road report is that the Glenwood/Goldendale road down from the canyon rim is now pretty of Sunday. It has taken all summer to get most of the loose gravel off that road.
  16. I say we build a racetrack on the dump...with the money we recover with a lynch mob for the shady official!

    Rock Dodger, doesnt that mean that chip-seal has more traction than normal asphalt if it has higher rolling resistance?
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