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Chucking Around Build

Discussion in 'Scooters and Mopeds' started by Tuskano, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hey there,

    So I bet people wanted to see more pictures of my scoot ever since I introduced myself here a few days ago. Maybe also the truck... but this forum is for two wheels so you wont see much of it unless my scooter's on the back.

    I first got this guy, a 2014 50cc Icebear Maddog, online on February last year. For those interested, it was roughly 1600. It was shipped to my door in a crate, with me only having to worry about putting the front tire and handlebars on afterwards. Then of course the oil. I later registered and insured her with no issues and got plates. No endorsement was needed, and because of that, I was able to not worry about doing the Navy motorcycle courses for onbase (and offbase riding).

    She stayed stock for about a month until I lowered the rear, added a ammo can to the side for storage, and added small engine upgrades like a better CDI and a unrestricted air filter (which was when I learned to rejet the carb for the first time). Over the time I got new handlebars, been through two sets of mirrors, stretched the front and rear tires, and finding lowered front forks that fit... and a number of other things I can't remember on the top of my head. I also got a 150cc exhaust by mistake that did not fit, which I still have, but I plan to use that on another scooter.

    Funny thing too is my mini-truck, a Daihatsu Hijet, currently is sporting the stock mirrors my scooter originally arrived with.

    This can be considered a build thread, but with the majority of what I have done is done, it could be just for any scooters I might end up having. Or could be my portfolio all in one thread.

    I do plan on moving up to a 150cc soon and getting my motorcycle endorsement. Maybe moving all my custom stuff to the 150, and then putting the 50 back to stockish and have as a rarely used backup for cold/rain riding.

    First bought. Looks like a weird mix of lowered off-roading going on here. Chrome bling and out of place mirrors.

    Lowered the rear. As you see, my license plate gets bent.

    On the back of my truck.

    Results from my 2015 Summer ride to Mt Index to join in with a photo shoot along the Old Cascade Highway. It was fun, and I got to hitch a ride on the back of someone's truck back down the mountain to the after party.

    Carb rejetting to something less restrictive, stretched whitewalls, lowered front with new carbon fender, and a new look (bent form?) for the plate. Of course, I get pulled over with a warning that my plate was hard to read from a distance. So I bought a chopper side plate mount. Which I'll post next post.
  2. Closer to the present.

    Also... might do this for the 150cc. But this was a headlight idea I have been thinking of. Maybe would use a different mount so I can keep my front suspension intact, but I like the integrated turn signals in it. I got rear lights I have ready too, but they'll be a secret. I have to have something to look forward to.

  3. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Truck and bike are awesome. Thanks for sharing. It's a two wheel forum, but I really want to see some details of your truck; interior, engine, suspension shots, etc., the more the better.
  4. Need video of scooter riding with exhaust sound...
  5. Put a thread on your truck in the lounge. There's all kinds of random stuff there and I also want to see more of it.
  6. Haha, I'll do that. She is a good bike/toy hauler, that's for sure.

    Ok :D. This is one of the last vids I had done... everything pretty much was the same aside from the tires, lowered front forks, and handlebar setup. It was after my first rejetting. The idle sounds louder in the video, but it is not that bad. And after watching it again, I noticed I could barely hear the exhaust popping (when slowing down) like it does now.
  7. Nice. I was going to say the scooter looks a lot "bigger" than it really is (especially with that exhaust), and it doesn't sound as bad as I was expecting lol. I would feel weird being that low to the ground... it almost is like you are in a go-kart. I bet that makes it more fun though.

    What is the top speed on it? And what is your MPG?
  8. I am curious too.
  9. Surprisingly enough, that is the stock exhaust. I like the height, anything now that I ride on seems too big hahaha

    Gas mileage is about 80mpg. It has a 1.8 (I think?) gallon tank. Less than 3 bucks to fill up :D. I actually have gotten the speed up to 43... but that is without wind. And of course I lose most of it on hills.
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  10. Yeah! Got my 150cc that I'll be getting prepped. Planning on attending a Navy held BRC next February. The engine is smooth... it was their show scooter that they have already tuned and have kept up the basic maintenance on it. Has 731 miles on it, so the engine is pretty much broken in. Said to go up to 60mph, crazy acceleration.

    Not sure if the Monster Energy theme will stay... or if I will keep it black. Before the class, I am going to rob the stretched wheels, rear and front suspension, and the license plate bracket from my 50. Not sure if I'll be moving the handlebars just yet, but I might.

    Anyways, bought the scooter down in Tacoma, drove down to Oregon to visit family that day, went to a car meet there the next day, and drove back up to Whidbey island that same night. Was a very busy last weekend.




    Red Door Meet. Not my photos.

  11. Sweet! That's simply a great collection of fun right there.
  12. Thanks! Yes it is! Fun for two :p
  13. So a new update for any who have been interested. After the drive down to Oregon and stuff, and returning home, I took the 50cc apart. Moved most things to the 150cc. Test fitted the exhaust and the rear light I'll be later wiring in. Exhaust looks sweet, but the carb will be needing a rejet of course. Still starts, but the exhaust runs way too hot... and even shoots white smoke. So I went back to my stock exhaust for the time being. The aftermarket shocks were too short too as the exhaust header scrapes. I got longer aftermarket shocks, but I might end up putting that on the 50cc. I might try messing with the engine mount and what other things I have and see if I can raise the front of the engine. I like those short shocks.

    But yea, with the stock rear shocks and exhaust back on I used my 150cc in my BRC that I had last week. Also swapped to my old top handlebar mirrors as the end mirrors hit my knee when doing the u-turn in the box. I had lots of fun, and passed my test. Glad I never picked any real bad habits up in my year of riding the 50. It was a small class with 5 people, and in the end 3 of us passed. The instructor was an old biker dude with a white santa beard. Awesome guy who gave props to both my lil rides (truck and scoot) at the end of the course.

    Now I am waiting on a big bore kit. Also got a new adjustable carburetor and rejet kit, dual cam kit (this is a single), front headlight mount I'll be cutting up to fit right, and other little things. It'll be awhile, as I remember the phrase "one mod at a time'. Maybe will start with the shocks and exhaust. Dual cam and bbk will be later on. Lights too.

    On to pictures. From build to the class.




    I forget what type of exhaust it is. Very free flowing though. And got hot very fast. Like within a short few minutes.

    If your wondering, they are called Afterburner taillights... aftermarket replacements for a Yamaha Zuma scooter.

    Now the class!

  14. So.... a big update. Was on deployment a good majority of 2017. During that time, stuff happened to my truck. And when I got back, stuff happened to my scooters.

    First off, as most seem to be more interested in the scooter transport, the Daihatsu Hijet is undergoing surgery. It's transmission froze up before deployment so I did what any sensible man would do and found a shop willing to do a engine swap. She's going rotary.

    Next is the scooters. The daily 150cc now is a 170cc with a oil cooler. And I also gained a new 150cc that is a backup to the 170cc lol. The 170cc is down right now due to low scooter problems and is getting a new header. So all through winter I have been riding the 150cc.

    Also installed the front wheel to the Diamo Velux convertible. Not a whole lot aside from that... updates on it are slow...