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Cliffs Cycle Center

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by VFRtard, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if they actually perform service there?
    Everytime I have stopped in or called for a part, it is not in stock. Just today I called and they did not have a valve cover gasket in stock. WTH are they supposed to tell a customer who is having a valve check done? We will have your bike back to you in a week!?:scratchea
  2. The only part they ever had in stock that i ordered was and oil drain plug. and somehow it always takes a week.

  3. i may be of the minority here but in my opinion it is not fair to think that a dealer is stocking all parts. i work in the service industry (not automotive) and we only stock common failure parts. if you are requiring maintenance parts then you schedule your service prior to dropping off the bike and parts being delivered.
  4. They didn't even have an SV oil or air filter when I went there.
  5. i see air filter as weird, but no oil filter is fucked up.
  6. After calling for a price quote on a 15k service last week, they said they could schedule me for a friday and have it out by saturday. There is no way in hell they could have done that when they are missing a required part for the job.
    When a shop that claims to do service does not keep the simple things in stock. (Gaskets&fasteners.) There is no possible way they are doing things in a timely matter unless they totally scrimp on quality.
  7. Nevermind...
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  8. I feel the same way; that's why I use Brother's as much as possible. Cliff's is in sales, Brother's deals service as well.
  9. I tried Brothers with no luck. In all fairness they do not sell Kawis, so keeping stock of those parts makes little sense.
  10. I&#8217;ve never had any service work performed at Cliff&#8217;s or Brothers so I can&#8217;t comment directly on their workmanship. Over the years as a ferry commuter though I&#8217;ve heard quite a few people complain about both.

    One of the guys with a Yamaha V-Star fried his starter on a three or four year old bike. Brothers has had it for about 6 weeks now while they&#8217;re &#8220;Waiting&#8221; on a new starter. He is still commuting on his wife&#8217;s 125cc scooter.

    Legend Harley has a far worst reputation, (deservedly so) than Cliffs or Brothers. My new 07 Buell needed some warranty repair work. Not only could those nitwits not figure out what was wrong with it but in their troubleshooting process broke more stuff. Fortunately I do 99% of my own work.

    Service Suggestions:

    Pt Townsend Honda & Marine, 360-385-0817. They use to be a Honda motorcycle dealership but gave the dealership up years ago. They have an excellent mechanic who has been to the Honda schools.

    Xtream Dremz Motorsports Performance, 360-301-4094
    Excellent mechanic, large modern shop.

    Both enjoy great local reputations. With some Harley exceptions they will work on just about any new or old bike.

    Disclaimer: I have known both for over 30 years and both are good friends of mine.
  11. I agree, however I got my SV oil and air filter there off the shelf. Go figure....
  12. Some shops do get parts from other shops:ninja:
  13. When it comes to service I only trust Faron at Gixxertek.
    I still try and check prices around town to do my homework and have an idea of what is available.
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  14. Cliffs has always been nice to me and given me the time of day. I prefer to go to them with my money.

    Brothers always blows me off...I ride Honda so i am forced to deal with them...However, they did price match Amazon when i bought my PR3 rear...the last few interactions with them have been better...
  15. They have always treated me well when talking to them. They just do not stock any parts.
  16. I am in agreeance also, although they have both gotten better over the years for me. They are service and parts stores not warehouse supply stores and cant fortell what parts are gonna sell or bikes they will service. Parts on the shelf are like dollar bills laying around you cant spend yet!
    On a side note robin at wildcat cycle is a killer mechanic, not super fast but way knowlagable. I have always taken a bike there and he will negotiate price if you have something he needs, great guy, doesnt stock tons of parts, but does have some used stuff.
  17. I'm not impressed with Cliff's after they told me they didn't know how to change a tire on a Yamaha!
  18. I took my VFR tire to them to change. Its a single swing arm so they couldnt balance it but it was 40 dollars cheaper than Brothers. They also changed a tire on my xr650l when i had it...
  19. I don't think you heard what you think you heard...
  20. When I had my SV, I never had an issue with getting parts. Oil filter, 15,K service parts, (2 new shims) other parts, hugger, all same day stuff.

    Haven't been in there in a while, but they told me when I had my FZ that they could service that as well since they service Yamaha Watercraft, they had access to Yamamha's full catalog.
    Never took them up on that, but I've only had a couple of issues.
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