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Coastal Ride Friday 9/7 – 10am

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by fijiman, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. A buddy and I are going coastal Friday 9/7.
    Meeting in Aloha Big lots parking lot (18565 Southwest Tualatin Valley Highway, Beaverton - around 9.30am, KSU by 10am or a little after.

    The route will be around 200 miles, but we can add more as there are consensus to do so.
    It will be nice and cool at the coast while it gets to the 90s here in the valley. Carlton, Nestucca and Bible Creek are all on the menu, as well as rest stop at Cape Lookout and ice cream in Tillamook. If we have time, 101 and 53 could be added. PM me if you need our route map.
    Pace will be moderate…but we want to be chugging along and could change.
    Bring water and pack a lunch to get more seat time.

    The number of good sunny days are only a handful now….it will be good to get out for a bit. :mfclap:

    per Jason:

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2012
  2. Maybe in. What bike are you gonna be mobbin on fijiman?

  3. Common in...I'll be either on the DRZ400SM or the v-strom. Both the bikes will be there depending on which one my buddy wants to ride. :scratchea

  4. Dagnabit!!!!! :rant

    I really want to do this ride. I haven't ridden with Jason in ages, and when Ro gets his "Bollywood" on, it's always a good time. Unfortunately, I have to be up in the Auburn area to play "The Uncle Manny" for my sister who is going out of town for a week.

    Have a safe and fun ride Ro.
  5. You should add that the pace=NOT newb friendly! We are going to RIDE not stop and smoke cigaettes every 15 minutes! I have no issues waiting up for people at the intersections or what not but I dont want to just go out for a social gathering!:secret:
  6. And Ro I dont care which bike I ride but I gota know so I can bring the right boots!
  7. Ro, Yea, nothing like a coast ride to beat the heat. Potentially in. Is this an all pavement ride suitable for sportbikes ? Is there a stop for seafood, crabs/oysters for lunch ? Umbrella girls ?

  8. You can have the SM since you are comfortable in it....I am easy, I can ride either with the same boots! lol.
  9. Will be good to see you. Yes, all pavement, unless you want to venture out a bit.
    For lunch, we can stop for some seafood if you know a good place, but do not want to make it a 2 hour break if you know what I mean....

    Would love umberalla girls...I think Jason is working on that... :mrgreen:

  10. If by "umbrella girls" you mean Hookers & Blow then yes I gotcha covered!:mrgreen:
  11. Missed today's coast run. In for this one.

  12. RC51 dude that I met at ORP right?
  13. Yessir!
  14. I might be in. I can ride sweep, you shouldn't have to wait up too long for me. What time do you plan on getting back into town (estimate)?
  15. so this will be like medium fast practice, lol!!!!!:thefinge::thefinge::nana
  16. Depending on if we extend to 53 and beyond....if not, we should be back by 3pm, if adding more miles, it would be more like 6-7pm, still plenty of daylight....
  17. crackup: Wish you and Dickweed could come. Missing Don.
  18. Well it looks like I'm out. Covering a shift at work. LAME.
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