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cold start problem

Discussion in 'Scooters and Mopeds' started by 7seednew, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Sup.

    My Vespa has a hard time starting when it's cold / wet. I've read that one way to fix it might be to put in a super hot spark plug. Any advice on this issue?

  2. Did you pull the old plug and look at it? If not do so and report back.

    If the bike is fairly new with a carburetor, your cooler weather hard starting may be caused by lean jetting. Best place for information would be on a Vespa forum.

    If the spark plug's insulator is bright white the bike is definitely running lean. If its carboned up or oily you may be running rich, have an engine issue, to much stop and go city riding, or the plug is too cold. It also may need to be re-gaped.

    On a tuned engine its generally OK to go one heat range hotter,