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Contact info request

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Gnarly 928, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I want to send some pics of yesterday's ORP track shenanigans to Eric, the Ducatti rider. The Buffalo rancher. Does anyone, or Eric your ownself, know his email? Poor quality snaps from my tower on turn 8, where I was doing the flags at Moto Fit. Mel was out there also...SMC riders were well represented.
  2. Mic

    Mic Retired

    under no circumstances should you ever be taking photo's when bikes are on the track if you are working as a corner worker.

  3. Just find one of his old post and click on his name. That will give you his contact info.
  4. This.

    I noticed it last month as well. Meant to mention it to Rob but forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
  5. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Just chewed a buddy of mine out for doing exactly this and he should know better as he's an old racer as well. He didn't think anything about it cause it was on the cool down lap of a race, but then realized even then, shit can happen.

    OP: Not trying to chew yah out or anything, but it really is important that your attention is dedicated 100% to what's on the track and not your camera. The time it takes to put down a camera and grab the flag could be enough to prevent someone hitting someone on the track. It really does happen that fast.
  6. Right, I guess I did pay close attention all day long, for appx. minimum wage, and I did do my job well, according to the head flagger. "Under No Circumstances" that is pretty dogmatic....probably right, though now that I think about it...

    Not saying it was ok to take pics from the tower, but this was the final session of the Green group on Sunday when there were only 6 riders on the whole track and the two guys who were my buddies were on opposite ends of the circuit from the other four guys (about a mile away). I could see about 5 corners up-traffic from my corner and no one was coming, period. You can't flag nobody.(grin)...I had my little point and shoot camera in my pocket, so I grabbed it out, as I watched my buddies approach in close formation, one guy leading the other to help him refine his lines, and I snapped a couple of pics as they went past. No harm and no danger to any of the following riders who were at least a minute later in arriving at my particular corner.

    Yes, the guidelines should read: Under no circumstances..... however, there was no prohibition mentioned and I probably did a bad thing! Guess I am fired.
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