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Coolest looking bikes of all-time...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by KCander, May 24, 2005.

  1. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    My favorites:

    '60s/'70s - Norton Commando - Done up cafe style, I want one!

    '80s - '85 GSX-R 750 - The classic blue/white, timeless.

    '90s - Ducati 916/996 - No explanation needed.

    '00-'05 - The new R1s - Beautiful...and 150+hp is nice, too!
  2. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    the 748 belongs in there too.

    I second the '04-'05 R1.

  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    so's the rr.

    seriously, how 'bout both the rr and r6? different from anything out there...
  4. MV Agusta

    non sport bike, but I have always like the BMW r100gs
  5. mine

    Norvin with a featherbed frame

    (if you dont know what a norvin is, find some cafe racer links!)
  6. Norton Body Vincent motor
  7. What do you all think of the 888? Outdated today, yes; but ahead of it's time when released AND I personally believe started the Ducati comeback before the 916, 996, etc.
  8. 888, lovely piece of engineering, fabu frame, great engine (one of the finest of the 2 valvers), but OH THE HUMANITY!!! Alot of polymers lost their lives for those fairings, which arent bad until you get to that god awful thing on the tail....

  9. I am a little biased. I love the love of the current R6's. I would have to give the nod to the current R1 as my favorite. Also have to give it to Jezterr. I like the look of the rr's. When I got my R6, I was looking at the black 600rr... then I saw the limited edition Yamaha.
  10. I can't believe I forgot the CB750 you just can't leave out the first of the inline 4s
  11. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i know a lot of people don't like the look of the 999, especially after the impact the 916/996/998 models had, but the 999 is my favorite. better than benelli, agusta and any of the japanese bikes. its angular, aggressive, sophisticated, unique, and italian!

    i feel like the 998 was molded with the thought of form before function. single-sided swingarm, smooth curves and easy-on-the-eye details. the 999, to me, just says, "screw you all! i'm not trying to please anyone by putting on makeup, i'm beautiful, take it or leave it!"

    i also like the look of the new kawasaki's, which is a big reason why i bought one. honda is right up there with the kawi's though, but not quite as aggressive looking... a plus for some and minus for others.
  12. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    the front of the new ducatis are too round... reminds me of a flying dong.
  13. I have to agree with 600bandit...the MV is hot. i might just get one..................ha

  14. to me the ducati says, "Look at me my owner payed way too much and he gets raped everytime he has to go to the overpriced dealer to get me serviced." But I guess no price is too high if you have a small wee-wee :roll:
  15. Ussualy the people I hear say something like are either jealous or just don't get it. Sorry Blackstar, you opened your self up to that one..... firedevil:
  16. I get it i just don't like the bike or anything overpriced for that matter. The same reason I don't like Harley's...the excess money and the attitude just annoy me to no end. How is it reasonable to have a $3 item suddenly cost $30 because someone put a harley logo on it?
  17. agreed on the harley part. plus, I know too many harley riders that will only ride with harley riders. nothing pisses me off more than wanna be elitest bastards
  18. Blackie, have you ridden a 996? Have you actually experienced turning one? Id reccomend it before bashing one, because its a purely sublime experience to actually meld with one at an apex..

  19. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Are Ducatis overpriced? Probably.
    Are some Ducati riders arrogant bastards? Probably.
    Is the 916/996 one of the most beautiful machines ever created? YES.

    I've never ridden one, and I don't need to ride one to know that they look the shit, they sound the shit, they are the shit. Look at the new bikes, like the CBR RRs and the R1, they totally owe their styling to the 916, the elongated dual headlights and the underseat exhausts, style-wise the bike was way ahead of its time. Performance wise, in its hey-day, Carl Fogarty used it as a platform to win his share of SBK races...sure, it doesn't crank out 150hp like the new liter bikes do, but you have to keep in mind that it came out TEN YEARS AGO. Plus the higher price tag creates more exclusivity, which makes it even cooler, really - I love the R1, but every day I go for a ride, I see a half-dozen of them before I get out of the city limits! The higher price guarantees that not every mofo on your block is going to have one, and that just adds to the mystique. Of course it's not perfect with the expensive valve adjustments and the like, but the thing is an undeniable modern-day classic in my opinion.
  20. sorry to all, your arguments are weak, personally bias, and without merit. I still think that ducati's are overpriced, overhyped, and ugly. I don't like single swing arms, i don't like the seats on the 900's (i've seen g-strings that have more material), and above all i don't like paying $50 for a $5 part because it has a particular brand name on it.

    i have not ridden one and i never intend to...people are more than welcome to purchase and ride them and more power to them if they choose to. I will never be a ducati owner...the only possible exception i could see to this is if someday i was given a ducati monster i do like those bikes...i personally don't like the look of the 996's i would much rather have a gixxer, R1, or a 1000rr...this thread was asking for personal opinions and that's what i gave never intended to upset so many ducati riders just putting my $.02 in....