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Cop Story

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Phaster, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. That is a good read indeed!

    The bling bling pic in one of the posts was rather funny as well haha


  2. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Wow... they do sound like heartless dickheads. :? It's one thing to crack jokes around the water cooler to relieve the stress, but to have a public forum like that you're just asking for a PR nightmare.

  3. I think it is important to mention not all police officers are as unprofessional
    as the ones posting a reply to the subject of "stunt riders".

    Just the same as not all motorcyclists are "stunt riders" or go around looking for a felony flight just for kicks.

    In 24 years of riding now and dealing with law enforcment the lesson learned is one of simple logic.

    Treat law enforcement with the same respect as you would like to be treated with.

    If the officer seems upset with you for going 130mph+ on I-5 then just maybe you should have found a better place to speed.

    It's not the officers fault for doing there job.

    If you decide to speed on the street rather than a track at least find someplace far away from the public.

    My 2 cents

  4. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    I agree with you 100% Buz... Much like the few idiots who give a bad name to bikers, the same applies to the few police officers who posted on that forum. Although they are only expressing their own veiws, it reflects poorly on the whole. Likewise, if they had posted something more morale building, it would have given the police image a boost. It's just the nature of the beast.

  5. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Heheh... and the negative PR begins. :wink:

  6. I've seen it on 3 other forums today...