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Corvallis/Albany Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Borrowed from Roseburg which was borrowed from's PHOTO TAG!

    TAG Rules

    1. You ride to the current tag photo.
    2. You photograph your bike at that location in approximately the same orientation as the original.
    3. Post the photo
    4. You have 24 hrs to ride to, photograph and submit your new photo tag.
    5. Tag location must be within reasonable distance, but not limited to Benton/Linn County.
    6. Another rider must then tag your photo.
    7. If your tag location was previously tagged, it will not count, might be a good idea to get 2 pics so you have an alternate.

    If you don't post your new tag photo within 24 hrs, the original tag is still up for grabs.

    Click - HOW TO POST PICS


    Tag, you're it!!!

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  2. Thanks! How did you do that? I feel a bit slow now:tard:
  3. Sweet, great job!!! We'll be watching for your next photo.

    Copy the [​IMG]
  4. damn... i knew where it was and was just about to suit up and head over there.
  5. I almost went last night when I got back from Newport:ninja: But sadly my camera was nowhere to be found until today. I already got the next tag photo:evil4: but I'm at work, will post when I get off late tonight.
  6. does a night photo count? or must it be similar lighting?
  7. A night photo would count as long as we can see that you were in the same spot, orientation, etc.
  8. hmm ill have to come up with something
  9. Harrisburg Gazebo


    I'm working on the next one.......
  10. man, I never would have found that gazebo!
  11. Nice job Brad!:mfclap: I was getting a bit worried that noone knew where that was...and I thought it was an easy to find location too crackup:

    Either that or no one wanted to come out and play in the heat. Will look for your next spot!
  12. I thought it was the one in Corvallis but when i got there it wasnt it so I went home and did a google search for it.. couldnt find it, and gave up.
  13. I knew where it was... I was just giving someone else the chance to get it.
  14. Now, I know from checking out the Portland Photo Tag thread they have some boundaries, they are really broad, but just to give an idea of where to go.

    here's the Portland boundaries

    * The boundaries will be the Columbia River to the North, the Cascades to the East, Salem to the South, and the Pacific on the West

    Perhaps something like these for the Corvallis/Albany Photo Tag:

    Northern boundry---Woodburn
    Southern boundry---Cottage Grove
    Eastern boundry---Cascades (as a general rule of thumb)
    Weatern boundry---Ocean

    Just throwing those out there as an idea, figured the group should decide...or Bravura since he stared it all so it's his baby8) That way any location we have to find isn't more than what could be done in a decent day trip.
  15. The Harrisburg Gazebo was brilliant, it was the POW flag that gave it away. I've only been there once before but that flag stuck in my mind.

    Hmmm, boundaries? If everyone is fine with Osufireman's recommendations, they are okay with me. So far we haven't had to give any hints so maybe it's been too easy. I just don't want this to get too difficult and have this game flop.

    Here's the next tag, you're it!!!

  16. I just figured boundaries would help folks on locations is all. I don't think the game will flop, it's really fun I think :mrgreen: Gives us a chance to get out and explore.