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Corvallis/Albany Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Brad, what am I doing wrong with this photo upload?
  2. you are nextcrackup:

  3. Do you have it hosted somewhere?

    You then link to it. Copy and paste it's location into the information bar that pops up when you push the little mountain and sun icon.
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  4. The last upload was close but your link had "http://" twice, I just went in and fixed it.

    Click - HOW TO POST PICS

    You are next, you got Balisada's location so you get to post the next pic of your bike at a new location of your choice.

  5. That is a cool post, I'll have to remember it.
  6. you are... you need to post up a new pic! (nevermind) didn't see page 2. My bad!
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  7. [​IMG]

    correct location but not quite the same angle. :scratchea I was looking into the sun so nothing would show up on the pic.
  8. So where was it?

  9. Lewisburg... just north of Corvallis on 99W.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Rick, I think I know this covered bridge, but the road to it is marked "Authorized Motor Vehicles" only, am I authorize.

  12. This is not the bridge you are thinking of... It is on a road and is used by general traffic. Note the height sign... no too tall vehicles.
  13. But I think the last couple of miles are unpaved ... except where it crosses the train tracks.
  14. hahaha i know where this one is... maybe tonight after osufireman and I sync our carbs we will ride out and get this one.
  15. Sooo, after attempting to Sync Chezmoustash's carbs (couldn't do it with out some fittings, but did it by sound a bit) we took off in search of the elusive "bridge photo" at about 2315. Only to find out that we had to ride round trip through almost 8 miles of gravel roads:angry7:. Thanks Rick:nana At least my fetish with riding the bike on gravel has been fulfilled for the more wrong turns neededcrackup: I almost ran out of fuel...then Chezmoustash almost ran out after grabbing our new tag.

    The tag was at the Harris Bridge.

    And I don't care if we aren't in the exact spot....that ride sucked!!! and my camera wasn't getting good pictures either.
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  16. my bike is invisible at night... good thing i have those flashy cool white mirrors! good work osufireman.
  17. Hello... Had you gone from Kings Valley Hwy... The road goes through Wren turn and under hwy 20. It was only 1.1 miles of gravel that is in good condition. Glad you found it!!!
  18. [​IMG]

    I'm surprised nobody posted this first ... not too many ferries around. Boy, you guys did quite a bit of riding late at night!