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Corvallis/Albany Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Bah, I know where two of the three are but my bike is in the shop till early next week.
  2. Old Tag:

  3. New Tag:

    Have fun on the ride!
  4. Old Tag


    New Tag

    .... crackup: ...the slow poke from Eugene gets the tag ...crackup:

    And a little confused how you people up north play this game. Do all three locations need to be tagged? ...or just pick one and go with it? Life is much simplier south or Corvallis.
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  5. Nice! I almost used your new tag, but I wasn't sure if anyone would find it. :mfclap:
  6. Yeah well, it would have been nice if that station was open for biz. Ended up sweating the ride back ...seems someone wasn't paying any attention to the fuel supply. That station should be pretty easy to find, that's a major intersection in the area crackup:
  7. And there's the hint. :secret:
  8. You only need to pick one, there's just three to keep the game moving.


    Hint: Corvallis "Natural Area".
  9. Score one for the new guy
    The Closed Gas Station in Bellfountain
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  10. Dang! Posting it anyways...
    By the looks of the shadow I think I got there first, just didn't get to the computer.
  11. When do we get another hint? Things seem to have stagnated...
  12. I know where it is, but I am stuck at work, on call requiring me to stay with in 30 minutes of the hospital, and don't get the stitches out of my hand for a few more days.

  13. "a riparian wetland floodplain along the river. It features a handicapped accessible boardwalk trail and information kiosk"
  14. old tag (with story):
    Marys River Natural Area in south Corvallis, off of Brooklane Drive.
    I have lived in the area for 11 years. I never knew this place existed. I drove out to where I thought it should be and couldn't find it. Some jogger came by and asked if I was lost. I told him kinda and what I was looking for. He knew what I was talking about so I followed him down this bumpy, hole-y, gravel road and there it was. He took the picture for me, talked for a while, then left. It was dark and I managed to drive straight into a weed covered hole and dump my bike. Turns out I can pick that bike up all by myself. Luckily I only picked up some extra weeds and didn't break anything. censored: I never would have found that place!

    New Tag!
  15. Trying to figure out the current tags...

    Really old one still hanging out there?:scared



    Is this correct?
  16. Ouch, sorry about that, I thought it was close enough to pavement that nobody would have trouble with that one.
  17. Yes
  18. No worries. Some daylight prolly would have fixed it. :)
  19. Here's the old one. Some churchy sign in Monroe
    And here's the new one. Might take a bit of looking
    Got my ass handed to me on Bellfountain road going out to get the old one by a cute girl and a guy I presume was her boyfriend.