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Corvallis/Albany Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Old tag: Store on 53rd St just south of Harrison/Oak Creek

    New Tag!
  2. Old
    And continuing the vineyard theme here is the new tag
    Be careful on the road out, the corners are a bit gravely

  3. Old
    The Bicycle Fence out on Airport Rd
    Either I have way too much free time or guys don't have enough
  4. OLD: 1st street in Corvallis.


    Hint: It's in Toledo...
  5. Game seems to have stagnated a bit. Do you guys want hints for my two?
  6. Can someone post up the current tags?
  7. One of these days... The sun will still be up when I walk out of work.
    One of these days... The streets will dry within 24 hours of the end of rain.
    One of these days... I won't have to spend a rare long weekend out of town.
    One of these days... I will figure out the cold-weather jetting and get more that 4000 rpm out of 3rd gear.
    One of these days... I'll be riding my 650 Triumph rather than the 500 and feel like I could actually make it to Toledo, and then...
    One of these days... I'll tag the photo above and add a new one!

    Merry Christmas! - See you next year : -)

    Oh. If you're willing... Help me win this contest. Head on over to this link and vote for my bike!

    Looseparts - Jon D>
  8. [​IMG]


  9. Old Tag: Irish Bend Rd and Old River Rd


    New tag pending.
  10. I'll be back soon with a photo from a new location...
  11. In an attempt to revive this photo tag game (2 months to the day it has been inactive)... I've watched it for some time, and now that I have a bike, I will play!


    Crescent Valley High School

    New Tag....
  12. Sold my motorcycle - building another one - going to be awhile before I be doing any re-tagging ; -(
  13. Sold it!?!?! I was looking for good used Triumphs.... :-(
  14. Chopped and Welded Kawi ZX12R SS Full Devil Carbon Exhaust on the FZR:


    Quartzville Rood and Green Peter Dam:


  15. my bike has no wheels right now...
  16. It does that when the weather is crappy. It'll likely start back up in a few weeks. Ours is pretty dead too. Mostly because I won't get off my lazy ass & go tag it. Perhaps I'll do it Friday night on the way to bike night here in Springfield.
  17. Old Tag
    A building that's on a street by campus where there's always a bike

    New Tag
    Continuing the theme of bike parking for school