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Corvallis/Albany Tool Box

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Osufireman, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. So, after a little thought and discussion with some other riders on the forum in our area, I think we should start a Corvallis/Albany Tool Box.

    The idea:

    The thread would be placed as a sticky (hint hint bravura...please:mrgreen:) and all of us would list specialized tools that we have to use on repairing/tuning motorcycles. That way, instead of all of us buying these expensive tools, us do-it-yourselfers could have community tools to help each other out. Either make a kit that travels around, or have them at one place, that I think should be left up to the area riders. For starters, Ducatichick had a Manometer (carb sync tool) that she no longer needs...thank you very much ducatichick :mfclap:. So if you have something that you are ok with adding to the list, please post up, and let's help each other out.

    Tool list:
    -Manometer (Mercury, 4 cyl. or less)
  2. i like this idea dont have the tool you need maybe someone does :thumbup:

  3. That's ok elton. And the Manometer isn't a tool that I need, it's one that is available if someone needs one to use.

    Ok, I re-read what you wrote and now I got it :)
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  4. I think this would be a good tech thread as well as a toolbox.
    So if anyone needs to borrow a tool, post up here and if anyone is willing to lend a tool this is the place to help out another rider.
    We can all go to "the toolbox" to request a specialty tool, ask for assistance or technical advice and save everyone from searching multiple threads for answers. Tech questions and tool requests can now be found here.

    When borrowing tools, please return them cleaner than you received them and if you lose or break a tool please offer to replace it. "Please be kind & rewind".

  5. Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I remembered I have a handful of those things you need to thread into your carbs to use the tool! Now I just need to find them. Took a quick look, didn't find them, will look again tonight or this weekend.

    I did find the registration for my first bike - a '76 Yamaha DT175. I think the DT stood for duct tape. crackup: Anyway, I don't think I've seen that reg since I got it in '89 or so. :shock:
  6. I like the idea:thumbup:

    I have a few specialty tools, some purchased and some made. That is right, even if purchased tools aren't available sometimes they can be made.

    Now if we can just keep this thread on topic it could develop into an important resource.

    That said, anyone have any anti-gravity so my bike could lose a hundred pounds?:mrgreen:
  7. Does anyone have a 27mm socket and a torque wrench? Stacey's Speed Triple needs the chain adjusted.
  8. o boy i might have one but its clear out in the sticks so thats no good
  9. Yes and Yes. If you want to head to Albany my driveway is dry and paved. Shoot, you could do it in the garage.
  10. I have both as well. If I don't go on one of the rides tomorrow we can do it whenever, if I go then we can do it in the evening after. Or I can bring the stuff to coffee in the morning and we can do it then. Just let me know.
  11. 10guy: we'll be at coffee in the morning. Want to put on a short tech demo? ;) Or I could, I guess, but it would be mostly me reading the owner's manual. :lol:
  12. I'll bring them along then. See you in the morning.
  13. Cool! Kewl!! I didn't have room for the Torque wrench. Too long for the street bike. I don't need it as all my fasteners are torqued to the German standard of Gutenteight anyway.
  14. so... i installed my air filter on my bike today and it runs poorly again. I want to drop the clip on the needles and re-tune the carbs. unfortunatly i have no tools. can anyone lend a flat area and some wrenches/ screwdrivers? i would be most appreciative. Thursday afternoon/evening/ night would be the best time for me. i have a final on Thursday so i want to be prepared... but need my bike for the ride I am going on Friday. DucatiChick, did you find those fittings? I looked on the internet and cant find anyone who sells them; do i need to get them from the dealer if you cant find yours?

    actually i think i am just going to have it done. i have some money now so i think i can afford to just have it professionally done. i don't want to waste my time by working on it and still not having it the way it should be... who would you recommend for doing my carbs... still need them done by Thursday or potentially Friday morning... which is the hard part about it.
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  15. Locally, go to Jonas at Independent Motorcycle Repair in Philomath. Otherwise ask ForrestBault if he'll do carbs? I heard he opened shop near Independence. Next would be Fred'$ Honda.
  16. Second the motion for Jonas (by the way, the "J" is pronounced like a "Y" - so you aren't taken aback when he answers the phone).
  17. Found the little fittings...the o-rings are dried and cracked but should be able to get 10cent replacements at Robnett's. Let me know when/if you want to pick them up.
  18. I have 3 books by Keith Code on riding skills...even after 20 years of street riding and half that on the track, I still find them useful. These books are not just for racers!!

    Book titles are:
    A Twist of the Wrist (vol 1)
    A Twist of the Wrist (vol 2)
    The Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles

    PM me if you'd like to borrow any of them.
  19. i got a single rail motorcycle trailer does that count as a tool ?
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  20. Yep, I would say it does. Are you willing to let others borrow it?