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Corvallis/Albany Tool Box

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Osufireman, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Thanks everyone for all the offers/replies.

    Rick, you just sparked my memory there is also a free line on the SE corner of the Dixon rec center. I completely forgot about this, even though I've used it on multiple occasions.
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  2. no shit mr weather man

    i was simply explaining how long they tend to run

    but yes....i can see how $.75 is going to break the bank and i am completely wrong to suggest someone to cough up a life savings to obtain something as simple as air

    i mean.....what sick fuck charges other people for air?

  3. Not sure of Corvallis area, but if you're just a bit north in Monmouth, I'm pretty sure the Shell station right on Hwy99 still has free air. Not close, but an option if you're up north by 20 miles
  4. Check the heating/plumbing shop in Corvallis downtown next to the tracks... about two blocks north of Western. Middleton is the name, and they have lots and will cut to size and bend for you.

    They have stainless and copper sheet too.

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  5. Dave, great tip, thanks!!

    (Sorry I missed you guys at bike night this month. I was enjoying the sunshine in Colorado.)
  6. I noticed a hissing noise coming from the new bike when parked after a ride... traced it to the gas cap. Sounds like something (vapors? magic fog? mojo?) is seeping out around the key hole on the cap.

    Do I have a venting issue, or is this ok. I don't recall the old SV doing this.
  7. I don't know if the SV has a vent hose under the tank but you may want to lift the tank and make sure if it has one that it isn't pinched/blocked. Otherwise, open the tank to vent the tank and see if it does it again after another ride.
  8. Is your SV fuel injected?

    It is common for newer bikes to be vented around the key hole, if yours is and you are hearing it it might not be venting properly.

    Did the bike run OK on your trip home?
  9. Opening the cap stops the hiss, but it returns after the next ride.

    Yep, it's FI, and it's running just fine.

    However, I think I may have found the answer... something to do with crazy hippie CA emissions shit. The cap is apparently different on CA bikes.
  10. That is a vent you are hearing, not positive but it doesn't seem like CA would allow venting into the atmosphere like that.

    On the way home did you run a longer stretch like an hour and a half or more? If you did and the bike didn't start to run like crap then it is venting properly.

    Is there a tiny hole next to the key hole on the cap?

    You should be able to tell if your bike is a CA or not by the vin #.
  11. My 05 SV hisses/whistles all the time. Sometimes its after a ride, other times from sitting out in the sun. I just pop the cap (it pops up a little from the pressure when released). My bike runs fine, I don't think its anything to worry about.
  12. Put some bubble gum on it. It will stop the hiss and smell good!
  13. Ha!

    Thanks for the confirmation, Trailgoon.

    From the forums, it looks like some SVs are special in this way and others aren't, but CA bikes are more frequently special than others.
  14. Hey does anyone have a motion pro chain breaker/riveter tool on hand? I've actually got the tool but the threads on the inside of the alignment bolt are partially stripped so the tool is basically useless. I just need need the alignment bolt to put my new chain on (already got the old one off).
  15. I got the little $20 chain tool. I think you need the $110 one, assuming you need the riveter.
  16. I've got a "home made" Chain Press riveter, My dad built it for replacing the 520 chain on my 750 Honda shadow Spirit.

    The center pin can be removed to press the the plates down together, and then with the pin in it can be used to swage the heads of the master link. When using it on my shadow we put enough pressure on the pins of the master link with a good seal that the grease inside the heads of the pins literally exploded.

    let me know if you'd like to use it.
    Disclaimer: By using this tool you understand that you are responsible for the results and improper use could lead to improper chain connection. Improper chain connection could lead to an accident, in which you could experience serious injury or death. I am in no way responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries, or deaths from or related to your use of my tool.
  17. I've heard good things about Jonus in Philomath at Independent Motorcycle, never used him myself though. He is a good guy to ride with if that means anything.
  18. Independent Motorcycle Repair
    1623 Main St
    Philomath, OR 97370

    Jonas will take care of you
    (pronounced Yo-nas)
  19. Changing the oil and flushing the radiator is pretty easy self maintenance stuff that you should learn to do yourself. (Chain lubrication, tire pressure and battery maintenance is another.) Think of it as a bonding experience to get to know your new bike. Brake fluid change is a little trickier and may need someone to teach you, otherwise Jonas is your man and the #1 choice among local forum members.
  20. Paint Gun Query (attn .Brandon?)

    If anyone has a paint gun they would be willing to loan or assist in using I'd be interested. I think Brad is snickering at my dive flag cowl.....although it did hold up under a few moments scrutiny as being OEM :devil: I'd like to match the white/red lines of my fuel tank to the red cowl. :mrgreen: