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Corvallis/Albany Tool Box

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Osufireman, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. I have a stock exhaust for a 2001 R1, if anyone needs it. Just cant throw it away.
  2. Hey... anyone from the Saturday morning coffee crowd (or not necessarily the Saturday morning crowd) happen to have a bearing puller I can borrow. I need to replace the steering head bearings on one of my bikes and you can only get so far without a bearing puller. I just need to remove the lower triple clamp bearing race. thought maybe I could borrow one if anyone has one.


  3. anyone have a rear tire stand I can borrow? Need to change rear tire on an R1.
  4. If you're talking about the type of stand that you put under the swing arm to hold the bike up, I have one you can borrow. It's not designed for spindles, but hooks right on the swingarm.
  5. Bravura, did you end up getting that wheel balancer from harbor freight? How useful is it? Looks to me like you can't really prevent wobble with it...
  6. hey i have a 2004 ninja 500 an i tried starting it the other day an it took forever to get it started then once i did get it started it rode for a little while then would act like it didnt wanna really go. an shortly after that it died an did not want to start up again. not sure wat the problem is any one have any ideas.
  7. When you tried starting it did it sound like the it was weak, like there wasn't enough juice to turn the starter? That would be my first thing to check, the battery and electrical system.
  8. Is the manometer still hanging around somewhere? Perhaps I could take it off someone's hands at bike night this Wednesday.. ?