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Corvallis and Albany Oregon Riders - Post Up here and say hi!

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Whitesmokeyzf, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Looking forward to seeing all of you on some rides, weather is slowly getting better.
  2. weather ought to be nice once you finish all those cheese puffs! good ride yesterday.

  3. I am Dale Ludington. I am new here as well!! I ride an '03 VTX 1800C. I love to ride anytime I can. I have ridden in Rain, Snow Sleet, Hail, High Wind and sunshine. I dont recommend the snow!! I have ridden to Alsea Falls and love the ride!!
  4. welcome to the mayhem, Dale! :mfclap:
  5. Thanks!! I look forward to meeting New People. I love to ride and have almost 100,000 miles on my bike and looking to make it more.
  6. Yah about that Alsea Falls Loop... Gonna have to take a rain check.:roll:
  7. hey everyone, i am new to street riding and
    got a bike a couple months ago, been getting used to it - now my daily driver.
    i live in corvallis and am looking for some other sport bikes to ride with. i ride every day.

    - Josiah

    blue/white GSX-R 600 k3
  8. welcome:
    Check out the Albany and Corvallis Bike Nights when you've got a chance!
    Also there's a bunch of riders who do Saturday Morning Coffee as well.
  9. Hi all,

    My name is Keith, I have been on here for a bit but have yet to introduce myself. I think right after I signed up for this I crashed on black ice, and then about a week later got T-boned in an intersection totaling my 2003 R6. So took a bit of time off from riding, but got the itch again, so now riding a gross florescent green Kawi Zx-6r. Looking forward to meeting some of the people around the Philomath/Corvallis/Albany area...maybe do a track day at PIR this Friday to work out some of the rust...and may meet some people tomorrow (see ALBANY SUPERBIKES) on Craigslist. I didn't make the post, just intending to show up. I live in Philomath, so if anyone wants to meet up for a quick after work ride let me know!:stir:
  10. wILLis, Cutback is gonna LOVE your avatar!!! crackup:
  11. I that why he asked me what size belt I wear. Dangit cutback... NO MEANS NO!:rant:nana
  12. Hi guys.

    I've been lurking for a while, but finally showed up to coffee last Saturday on my invisible black '05 sv650s. I'm in the south Albany area.

    - Tim
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  13. Hello Tim, from a fellow Tim 8)
  14. Hi I'm new to this, but feel as though it's taking over my life. I only meant to have a little fun. Now I'm hooked.

    Bought my first motorcycle (Kawasaki Vulcan 800) in July, got my license in August, and rode my new baby to Reno for street vibrations.

    I've only dropped her twice. I think she'll forgive me once I replace her mirrors, and promise to go to all the doc wong riding clinics...

    Picking her up? uuhhhmmmm....
    I was told "go big, or go home". I was a little offended by that, but whatever.
    Noone told me to buy a motorcycle I could pick up. Oh well. I love her anyway.

  15. Paula Lesile
    my only friend

    by Paula Leslie

    She wanders far from home
    a thundering ball of chrome

    cold and wet
    or hot like fire

    the road calls to her
    like the call of the wild

    she hears not
    the groans of fair weather riders

    She whispers from under her cover
    while the rains pound
    and the winds howl

    please, please, please
    let me out
    let me ride

    I'll be good I promise
    not to slip, lurch, or devour
    too much street with all my power

    don't be scared
    just be prepared and aware

    please please please
    is it time yet

    I'm here under your cover
    quietly awaiting

    for you to come around
    and finally see

    no one has time for you...
    but me
    Wall Photos
  16. Would you have listened if they did? I hope not! :mfclap:

  17. my cruiser on the track? ok. I'm new enough to try it. Should I reinstate my life insurance policy?