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Corvallis and Albany Oregon Riders - Post Up here and say hi!

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Whitesmokeyzf, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. What worked last time....

    Poor Ember laying on her side, while gas and coolant is running out...

    pulled off all my leathers, walked out to the street with my jeans and swim suit top... 2 min. later, some mountain biker kid walked right over, grabbed the handle bars and stood her right up. Ok, I can do more push ups, pull ups than most men, but only have 110 lbs to work with. How did some scrawny little teenager do it? I'm gonna go try again.

    tee hee no smoking please.
  2. Watch this...

    How to Pick Up Your Motorcycle

    NOTE: If bike is laying Kickstand-side UP -- like in the video -- make SURE it is DOWN before you start picking up the bike.
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  3. come on, you guys are slacking, no "pics or it didn't happen" requests yet?! crackup:
  4. Interesting that you thought of it before "we" did :mfclap: crackup:
  5. ok, I tried that first. Her bike is quite a bit smaller than mine....I think, maybe. Anyone want to come show me?

    I'm on a steep learning curve here. Can't store my bike for the winter. Any of you lady riders still on your bikes?

    I'll be out riding this afternoon to practice my turns on wet pavement. Let's see... clean underwear, tell the kids you love them, upgrade AAA to premium membership. Got it.

    G. R.
  6. :secret: BREATHE...
  7. NOPE - just my future Ex-wife... :evil4:
    you've met me -- Q from Doc Wong Albany 8)
  8. Hey y'all. I'm moving to Corvallis in late December.
    Just thought I'd shout out, and if you know of any niceish apartments that aren't advertised, I would appreciate some inside info.
  9. Hope you can make it to bike night Wed Dec 7th - you would meet a bunch of us!

    Apartments are a little hard to come by at the moment - OSU student population is on the rise and there's not enough (new) housing for them. You might want to check out rentals in Philomath and/or Albany (N. Albany may have some). Check out the classifieds in the Gazette Times.

    Wanna buy a house? Mine's for sale! 12 miles to downtown Corvallis!

  10. ...and right at the beginning of some KICK ASS twisities!
  11. Id love to buy a house. But I'm young and spend all my money on motorcycles and women.
  12. The garage/shop is big enough for a bunch of bikes, and the house is big enough for many, many women! :mrgreen:
  13. If you don't care about the neighborhood, try avery green appartments in s town.
  14. guitar::eek:ccasion:

    Welcome Lazy, DC's house is awesome and holds the ghosts of many good times. lol
  15. I got an apartment on the South Side. It has a garage! *does happy dance*
  16. True that!
  17. Hi everyone, my name is Josh and I have been riding since about 2000, with a 4 year hiatus from 2007-2011, well I have finally jumped back into riding but instead of a full blown super sport ZX7R I chose supermoto instead!! Well after one whole whopping summer I have come to realize in order for me to keep my license and to take full advantage of supermoto mayhem I need to get to the track!! I currently have a 2007 Husqvarna sm610 for the street but it is posted in the classified section so that I can purchase a fully prepped race bike instead. Until it sells though I look forward to becoming part of the 2 wheel community again, because it sucks having an absolute blast carving up a mountain twisty by yourself at times.

  18. :hello1: Welcome, s0r3L0s3r!
  19. Welcome.

    Are you looking for a track only sportbike?