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Corvallis and Albany Oregon Riders - Post Up here and say hi!

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Whitesmokeyzf, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Thank you everyone for the welcome!! Well that didn't take long I posted my bike the other night and I already have a sale pending... So unfortunately once it goes through I won't have a street legal bike, just a dirt 450 and a supermoto 450.... You all have get togethers in the dirt or at the track? Or do you mind a motorcycle guy showing up to bike night with no bike? I mean I could bring a bike but I will probably have the disco lights (red and blue) close behind....LOL
  2. Come on out to bike night, and leave the "Disco Lights" behind. Less attention the better.:roll:

  3. Hi, My name is Sweet Vibrations.

    I didn't know who I was last year, but with the help of some wind therapy, I've morphed into the woman I wanted to be. Healthier, wiser, and still alive. Girly Rider is on an extended vacation, and you won't be hearing from her anymore.

    Can I change my User name? Or do I have to open another account?

  4. Just making my official drop in to the thread...and checking out the section some to see what's going on down here on the weekends and such.

    I'm here now... will hopefully start having some time to get out and do some stuff in the near future.
  5. Hi Mel.
    I'm still here. I don't bother posting much since there isn't anyone active and all threads get shit on by Washington trolls.
  6. Lol, ya I know... I think everyone already knows I'm here now anyway.

    As for the Washington trolls... ya just gotta bat for both teams... ha ha ha
  7. I am in Albany now anyone wanna ride?
  8. Probably get a quicker response over on ride44
  9. Hey I'm Chris, I'm 18 and am attending OSU. I have been riding dirt since I was only 3 years old. Currently I ride a 2004 CBR600RR and have been riding it for about 6 months/5000mi.
  10. I browse this forum a lot. There is not much activity here WRT Corvallis/Albany and points south. Much more going on for Corv/Alb riders at
  11. I'm Niko, student at OSU and I ride a 2008 Ninja 250r. I've had it for 5 weeks and clocked 1600+ miles. I'm originally from Beaverton a suburb of Portland. I'm trying to find some nice roads out here.
  12. Welcome.
    Come out to Bike Night sometime (see stickies) to meet some people.
  13. Hi,
    A friend suggested I join this forum to find people to ride with down here. I have a 2008 XR650L and am interested in doing some dual sport riding. I have lots of experience in the dirt (mostly in the Tillamook State Forest) and a fair amount in the street (mostly in Santa Cruz, CA). I'm new to Corvallis and want to do some explorin'!
  14. hi, my name is Justin. I just moved to South Salem from Sacramento, CA area. I have been riding for 4 months and i ride a 2013 Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport. Down to ride anytime although i am a little timid in the rain as for i have only rode in it a few times. I like twists and back roads and all that but i also like tearing up the town(in a non destructive or dick headed way) :). I ride to clear my mind and open the soul.
  15. Hello everyone, my name is John. I'm 34, an engineering student at OSU. I ride an '06 Suzuki Boulevard C90, and been riding for 2 years or a little over 17000 miles. I'm from Independence, and make the commute to campus rain or shine five days a week. Usually ride straight down hwy 99 everyday, but if the weather's nice I'll get on the backroads for some fun.
  16. Hell-O. Wes 36 from Lebanon. I am new to riding and just got a 2015 FZ-07. Transition from Racing MTB and RC cars (wife hated those hobbies). Not much for stunts and whatnot just like riding. Hit me up and let's go for a ride.
  17. Welcome!
    Come to bike Night in Corvallis on Wednesday at American Dream (first wednesday), or in Albany at Paps Branding Iron (third wednesday). This forum is pretty dead unfortunately.
  18. New to this forum, but have been on for some time (same name/avatar). I'll be watching for ride meet-ups in the local area.