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Corvallis Bike Night

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by kzedder, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Good turnout and lots of fun tonight.
  2. I showed up at the very end. I haven't gone in a while but I hope to make it a habit again. Hopefully the weather doesn't fake us out and rain right as I get off work

  3. We need a bigger place to do bike night. :nana
  4. It does get packed by 6 pm... Come on out to Albany's bike night, we have lots of room.
  5. I think newcomers are a little intimidated by the atmosphere. It's not everyday you invited to a restaurant where you just site down next to 3 people you don't know and strike up a conversation.
  6. That is true, but everyone is pretty friendly.

  7. :secret: This Wednesday the 1st is
    Corvallis Bike Night... :mfclap:

    Hope to see you there!
  8. Got a work engagement most of the day in Canby but I think chances are high I will make it!
  9. Still at American Dream?
  10. Yep.
  11. Will have to pop in after work them.
  12. Probably will make it
  13. Its time to move bike night somewhere with more parking and seating space.
    AD isn't big enough if you gotta show at 4:30 to park.
  14. +1
  15. If they blocked off those three parking spaces right in front for riders that'd be great. Half the fun of bike night is looking at each other's machines (that sounds sexy doesnt it), and it sucks doing that when your bikes are scattered two blocks in all directions.
  16. I was in town early so I did show up at 4:30, parking and seating was a breeze. It has really grown beyond the dream, but moving it can cause problems. In Albany they tried to move it around to please some people, and the event suffered from the confusion. Some people don't utilize the forums and weren't sure where to show up.
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  17. :drunk: Corvallis Bike Night is TONIGHT!!!! :mfclap:
  18. id be there but the ninja is having flooding issues..... ninja with carb issues what, never.