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Cougar->Windy-Carson->Walking Man Sunday 8/5/12

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by caslaw, Aug 2, 2012.


    Meet at Krispy Kreme at Padden and Andresen in Vancouver @ 9 a.m. KSU @ 9:30 a.m.

    We will be riding with Jeff's group to Pine Creek RS and then breaking off to Windy Ridge. The plan is still to go to Walking Man unless I am the only one who wants to go there.

    Pace: Moderate until Cougar and then faster after that. You can stay with Jeff's group after Pine Creek (as I'm sure one or two might end up at the ridge) if you like once we get to Pine Creek.

    This will be a 5-7 hour ride (depending on your stopping at Walking Man). We will top off in Cougar but you may need to be able to make it to Carson after Windy Ridge if you want to go to Walking Man (it is 155 hard miles). You have the option of returning via Cougar or trying for gas at the station east of Pine Creek RS (I will check on the store at Northwoods and see if they have gas and update here). Update: Gas (89) should be available at Northwoods so you can top off if you need to before Carson.

    Breaks at Cougar, Pine Creek, Windy Ridge, Old Man Pass Overlook, Carson, and Walking Man.
    It will still be warm up there (mid-to-upper 80's) so everyone needs to bring water. Still it will be cooler up there than here in Portland (90). :ninja:
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  2. Im doing this route on Saturday as a 5am sunrise run. Have fun guys!

  3. Nice - get done before it's hot. Ride safe! :ninja:
  4. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    In, two-up. Can you carry fuel cells on your bike, CAS? I've got the bottles for bags, just no room for bags with the passenger.
  5. I was planning on a tail bag but not hard bags. How big are the containers? White gas size? I can probably carry a couple of those for you but please bring a plastic bag to carry them in. I will check on the gas the store in Northwoods tomorrow. Per their website they appear to be open Sunday.

    Otherwise if they are closed I can bring the hard bags if needed (especially if it enables others to go - gotta take one for the team). :mrgreen:
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  6. No luck in finding out if the store in Northwoods has gas or not. No one is answering their only phone number (which is a 503 number). Called the Pine Creek RS but no answer.

    So far Sax is the only person to express interest. I know that this is a race weekend so a lot of people will be at PIR. I will run this if at least a few people are committed - otherwise I will probably fold this into the Vancouver ride that is an hour earlier up at the sbucks on Padden and Andresen and either run their ride or break off at Pine Creek to Windy.

    And Sax of course you and yours are welcome - we could check on Northwoods gas before deciding on Windy. The other group is doing a round trip to Old Man Pass.

    Anyways, if you are interested in this ride, post up by Saturday afternoon. :ninja:
  7. If this is still 155 miles of hard riding I would like to tag along. JB chevron. You can count my head if you like.
  8. More like 230-240 miles:

    General Route Idea

    I'm on the fence between this and the other Cougar ride.... I just rode to Windy Ridge last weekend. Hit a frost heave and kinked my back. It's still twitchy and not sure if I should subject it to the rough NF-25. Decisions decisions.....
  9. Yes it is 155 just between Cougar gas and Carson gas.

    And Bill - you know you only ride one speed :devil: so don't hurt your back buddy wherever you ride. :secret:
  10. 155 hard miles 240 total. 70 extra to get me from here to Portland and back. Plus half a day of work first. I'm still in.
  11. :mrgreen:
  12. Good news: Word is there is mid-grade gas at the Eagle Cliff store in Northwoods. This means that you can top off to get to Carson if your bike won't make 155 hard miles without refueling. I expect to get confirmation tonight on there still being gas there today.

    Bad news: Still only a couple of people have shown interest in this ride. If I don't have 4-5 confirmed by this afternoon I will fold this ride into Jeff's ride in Vancouver which is a Cougar-Cougar ride. His ride is an hour earlier (9 meet/9:30 KSU) and meets in Vancouver (Krispy Kreme at Padden & Andresen). This will not mean the ride is cancelled - just that we will meet with Jeff's group. If at least a few people show that want to go to the ridge we will break off from Jeff's group. If this does happen I hope that it does not prevent anyone from doing the ride. 8)

    I will post a final update this afternoon.
    Post up if you want to do this ride and if I get enough I will keep it as-is. :mrgreen:
  13. I want to be in.... But I'm not sure if I can keep up
  14. Damnit just saw this! I am planning on going to Jeff's ride but now I haz confused.

    Want to do both.
  15. Well "newb" means someone new to riding so if you have been riding for a couple of years on twisties you will be fine. Plenty of break stops and we wait at any turn junctions. The real issue is always trying to ride outside your comfort zone. :mrgreen:
  16. The meet spot may be changed to Jeff's if a few more riders don't commit. In that event you can decide at Pine Creek. :secret:
  17. I've been lurking and watching :ninja:

    I plan on going to Windy Ridge tomorrow but would like to be on the mountain a littler earlier as I have farther to get back home than most. I will watch how the story unfolds so I can hopefully pick a spot to meet up with you.
  18. How about 9 am in Vancouver with a 9:30 KSU - that would probably seal it that we will fold into Jeff's ride until Pine Creek. :secret:
  19. If I break off with you, I'll be sure to wear my helmet hawk, just for you.
  20. That would be great so lobo would tag you instead of me! :nana
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