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Could Ducati be competitive in 2005?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Crash748, Dec 4, 2004.

Win or Lose

  1. Yes, Ducati Corse is going to place high in 2005.

  2. No, Once again Ducati is going to stare down Japanese tail pipes all season.

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  1. Ducati Marlboro riders Loris Capirossi and Carlos Checa posted the two fastest lap times by the end of testing at Valencia. Could new riders and new tires be Ducati's ticket in the 2005 season?
  2. I say no haha due to the "Curse of the Duc" remember the rock that hit the radiator during one of the early races after the insane qualifying lap the day before...umm yeah, but it will be interesting to watch.

  3. I suppose that could be the reason why Troy Bayliss takes 3rd, after they fire him.
  4. Gee Jeff are you partial to Ducati?
  5. If for no other reason than Honda will be fielding as ass-load of bikes. A lot of folks to pass to run up front!

    Considering the frame for '05 was worse than '04, and they never seemed to get it right. Corse mgmt was stubborn and wouldn't go back to the 04 frame - not a good sign.

    Checa is a good rider, but he doesn't really know how to MAKE a bike fast. Witness last year with Yammi. His times really picked up between '04 and '05 when they started using Rossi's set up info.

    I'd LIKE to see them and Yammi put the smack down on Hon-DUH, but I don't think they will.

    But we'll see.
  6. 2005 will prove to be more interesting in 2005 than 2004 for Ducati in MotoGP. Please don't forget that this team is only 2 years old and '05 will be year 3.

    Now, let's talk AMA Superbike. I think the main thing that held Ducati back was there was no "internal" competition. They should have fielded a two rider team. With Neil and Eric working together yet...against each other, I am convinced that '05 will have many successes for Ducati.
  7. Good points... What is there 6 Honda's with top notch racers on the grid now? It should also be great to see what Colin Edwards can do with the Yamaha, who ever would have thought that he and Rossi would be on the same team.

    As for AMA it is amazing how much effort Ducati is putting in to winning this year. Even bringing in B-Bos's old crew chief. I also think the experience and "999" time that Hodgson brings well be a great help to the team and Eric. But that Matt and Suzuki are still going to be the team to beat.

    I can't beleave we get the chance to see them both race in the same weekend at Laguna!!!!!
  8. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin


    i don't know what it is with Ducati, but have you ever noticed that at the start of each and every race, ama, wsb, or motoGP, the ducati's pass all the jap-bikes; then, after the first few turns, all the jap bikes come roaring back and pass the duc's for good.

    i don't know what was wrong with Eboz in ama, but his bike was at least 5mph faster than the suzuki in the speed traps, and only a few ticks back on the hondas. that means that the bike didn't turn well or boz was on crack every race. and it WAS DAMN good!
  9. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Well I don't know much about... well... much, but I do know that blue is the faster color, and I have yet to see a blue Duc. :lol:

  10. Sure if the races are only a mile or two or the AMA incorporates a supercharged tow truck into the races.
  11. It really depends on the track, tire and the rider. I honestly think Ducati will be competitive but I haven't really seen to many big advances that will help ducati win the race.
  12. You have to visualize why Duc hasnt won lately. In '03, they had a very poised, potent, fast bike with a mediocre rider. In '04 they didn't have excellent ridership in the first place, but added horsepower to a bike which was balanced for the previous year. It was overpowered for its given geometry, tire and swingarm length. They fought the power with so much traction control it hindered the bike. This year, with the power sorted out a little better and a new front end on the bike, I think you will see some red podiums..... and nary an H in sight......

    that guy
  13. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    in GP last year i think the Duc was the most powerful bike, but it was probably the most oversquare (shorter stroke, bigger bore) engine, also. that makes the powerband smaller and harder to use. its not so much the power that was problem, its just that it was made in such a way that its difficult to use. keep in mind the Desmosidici (ducati's motogp bike) is a V-4, not a V-twin.

    in AMA you have the 999r. this is a V-twin, and the power band compared to the inline fours is probably easier to use, while probably having a slighly lower top end. one of the problems that the 999r had last year, at least according to the anouncers, was that it was hard to turn because of the gyroscopic (or something like that) force that the larger pistons create--it didn't want to flip from side to side.

    i think Neil Hodgson will be competitive in AMA, but my bets are on Maladin. not only is he probably the best rider-team duo, the new Suzuki is very good.

    in the end, i think the rider is the biggest factor in motorcycle racing. GP goes to Rossi.
  14. Yea duc will be competetive in the AMA since they change the rules to accomodate-the 200 is now the what ? 18 lapper :lol: :lol:
  15. All I heard was Blah, Blah, Blah, I'm a dirty tramp. (inside joke people) :lol:
  16. Mr. Deeds is hardly an inside joke. ;)

    After we go ride today, its sunny...

    That guy
  18. Jafar

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    are we talking ama or motogp? i'd say that eboz is definately not a top rider, but now that they brought Neil into the AMA for the ducs, i think there will be more red near the front: he placed 2nd behind maladin at daytona.

    as for GP, Capirossi, in my opinion, is one of the best riders out there, next to Rossi, Biaggi and Gibernau.

    what Fighterama said seemed to make sense.

    anyone know anybody who is thinking about getting a Desmosidici?
  19. What you should be asking is do you know anyone who has a 999r? Since Ducati is only allowing purchases of the Desmosidici to owners of the r flavor of the 999.