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Countdown: T-minus 4 weeks

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Mar 27, 2005.

Which motorcycle should I purchase?

  1. 2004/2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja ~$11,000

  2. 2005 Ducati 999 Mono (red) ~$18,000

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  3. 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja ~$8500

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  4. Other...Please post up with some feedback.

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  1. Within the next four weeks, I am going to lay cash down for another motorcycle. I plan on keeping my ZX-12R, it will not be going anywhere, but I am going to purchase a second motorcycle.

    I have talked to numerous people about which motorcycle I should get. Now I know it is all up to me, the rider, dependent on what I want to use it for, but to some degree I enjoy the input of other people. So far my decision has been a hard one, for there are so many factors at play. As the thread progresses, I will dive into more reasons and intentions of the new bike, but for and chime in your opinion, especially if you choose 'Other'.
  2. HAYABUSA is a excellent choice 8) step up :!:

  3. You know what you are buying.

    You won't be happy with half the displacement of the 12-
    So the 600 is out.

    As many miles as you ride the Ducati is going to be expensive to maintain regardless of the price.

    Start riding some bikes only way to decide unless you have a some brand loyalty. :kermit:
  4. spolic

    spolic Ducati Pilot

    Why get another sport bike. If you are laying down a bunch of miles why not get a sport/touring bike?
  5. Daniel, I know where there is a 10R that will be for sale shortly, prob could get it for just a bit less than retail, purchased this year and isnt completely broken in yet, Ill try to have the owner post up or get ahold of you...

    That guy
  6. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    hey, dan. Mike is talking about selling his brand new magma red zx10r. He already has a pipe and scotts steering damper on it. give him a call.
  7. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    the 600 would be fun to fuck around with, after riding that 12 for a long time... :toothy10:
  8. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i agree with JR. you need something different from the 12r, you need to experience either the handling of a 600 or the fun of a twin. why get another bike similar to the bike you have?
  9. Christ, I voted for the 10r, but if you could afford it I'd buy the Duc.

    I love pointing to the Duc riders and saying "...I think there's something wrong with your bike man, what's all the rattling." LMAO.
  10. Yeah Jason over at Westside told me Mike was prolly selling his 10R. They have a brand new red one sitting there on the showroom floor that I was eyeing. I heard Mike wrecked his though, just laid it down at low speed when a car came out in front of him in the cold early morning hours. Anyone seen how bad it looks?
  11. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i voted for the duc, too. not because they're the best bike for the money; not because they're the funnest to ride(though twins are fun)--just because there is something eccentric and superflous about them. its like drinking a fancy and expensive wine when you can't really taste the difference, but somehow it makes you happy that your driking it and not the cheap stuff.
  12. If you want something exotic I would look at the Aprilla Mille R or Augusta
  13. Daniel...if you don't have to have the can pick up an 03 999 for way less than $18k plus. That would leave room for the mandatory Termi upgrade.
  14. Isn't Beaudrys listing 03 999s starting at $13k in the current classifieds?
  15. Yeah but they are all yellow. Eeeeek!! :blob5:
  16. They come in two colors.. red and yellow.

    Both rock, as they are the quintessential motorcycle.

    Why bitch about yellow?

    That guy
  17. I was down at Beaudrys the week of spring break and they had the really good deals on the first year run of the 999 but they only yellow. I would want a red one if I did it.
  18. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    don't the 999s's go for close to ~$20k normally? thats a pretty good deal, you could change the color and still come out on top.
  19. The only nice thing about the 2005 standard 999 models is the increased power that Ducati has been badgered into. But they cant put radial mounted brakes on unless you opt for the S model? Come on now...
  20. Well your ZX12 is kind of a tourer as it is no? Id say if your looking for some excitement then its really easy.

    A ZX10 or an 05' GXR-R1000..both bikes will wheelie in pretty much every gear. It should be a nice challenge to run one of those bikes to their maximum.