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Couple of motorcycles stolen

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Maniac 954RR, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Sunday night/Monday morning we had 2 bikes taken from our home on E 16th ave, my silver/black 2002 CBR 954RR and my wife's blue/white 2003 YZF600R.

    The Honda was recovered the following day, stashed at an abandoned house on the 4000 block of East 4th Ave. They didn't catch the perpretrator who still has the keys. Insurance will take care of the damage and replace the key, however they won't cover replacing the locks with new keys (guess they'd rather replace the bike if the aholes come back and steal it at some point).

    The Yamaha is still MIA. Unfortunately it does not have comprehensive, and is not covered under the homeowner's policy. It would be a total out of pocket loss to replace it for her.

    If you see this bike, or hear of anyone that might have taken it, please report it or let me know at at 5099811120 (Case # 14-346719):


    2003 Yamaha YZF 600R
    Plate # 7C4570 WA Exp 9/2014
    Last 6 of VIN: 037025

  2. Good luck finding them. Prison is too good for thieves.

  3. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You should post the customizations to the bike also. Little details that will help identify it without a VIN.

    I would also urge you to NOT post an ad on C-List about the stolen bike. Thieves will be to use social media like Facebook and talk to your local garbage pickup guys.
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  4. Do you have a couple more pictures of those bikes?

    I live on E 8th and will keep an eye out. Sometimes thieves aren't too far from where the stole the bike.

    PM me with some more info, I'll do what I can to help.
  5. Sorry to hear about the loss, but this has me curious:

    "They didn't catch the perpretrator who still has the keys."

    How do they have the keys? Were they left in the bikes?
  6. i was wondering this as well. hopefully, you didn't leave your bikes outside unattended. and good luck getting the other one back.
  7. Heck, I wouldn't even leave the keys in the bikes parked in the garage.
  8. +1

    Not even in the storage compartment under the seat.
  9. i don't think people do that do they? christ, i hope not.:scratchea
  10. Yes, the bikes were in the garage with keys in them... 40 years i never worried about that. Guess it bit me in the ass.
  11. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Shouldn't have to worry about that. Sad thing is, even if they get caught it will just be a slap on the wrist and let go. Need stiffer penalties for theft and home invasions.
  12. pretty much stock aside from the remus exhaust.


    It also has Pirelli tires (they can't paint those):

  13. Unfortunately you are correct. Property crimes are very low on the priority list for law enforcement.

    The problem is these types of a crime are part of a bigger problem; if they don't deal with these people now, they will deal with them later on drug charges, etc.
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Ah, but there are other important identifiers too. Like the dent in the Remus can. The sticky pad left on the rear wheel where the old weights used to be. Renthal sticker on the swingarm. Smoked windscreen. Those little details will help identify it....even if it gets painted.
  15. [​IMG]


    She loves her bike:

  16. Ouch, hard lesson to learn. I hope you get the bike back.

    Yeah, in reality garages are easy to break into, much easier than houses. Also, don't hang your keys right inside the garage door to the house. Best place is in your bedroom or den. The greater the separation, the better.
  17. If they took the trouble to break into the garage for the bikes, they were going to take them with or without the keys.

    If anything, leaving the keys in the bikes kept the ignitions from being punched out.

    Good luck, hope they are found in one piece.
  18. I'm guessing the thieves have been in your garage, or know someone that has been in your garage and knew there were two bikes in there with the keys in them.
    It's pretty random to break in and hope to find a vehicle that you can drive away.
  19. Well they caught three of the people who have been doing break-ins over the last year on the south hill. (I assume they are the ones who tried to steal my truck last winter off 18th ave) Anyway hopefully that may open some leads when they eat on their friends.
  20. Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. Still hoping they find it.

    Insurance company totalled the Honda. I bought the salvage and will baby it back to pristine shape. The only damage was cosmetic.