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~CRG Bike Night ~

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Mel, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. It's that time of year... so let's get something going!

    What day works best for most?
    Preferance of TD or HR, or rotate locations?

    :mfclap:Summer's almost here!!:mfclap:
  2. Is this in addition to SMC?
    I hope so!
    Why not rotate HR, TD, WS, Stevenson, ETC?
    Lots of good places to meet.
    Glenwood, BZ, Trout Lake, Klickitat, Dufur.
    Or all in the same day!!!

  3. Yep, this would be in addition to SMC

    I'm cool with rotating, just most of the other's I've seen posted are at an established locale every week. Although...we're much more spread out than they are! lol.

    I would think that the further reaches would be harder for some to get to after work during the week, so we probably ought to keep it to the centralized spots - HR and TD type. Boring, I know...but...
    *Edit* I suppose if we meet centrally, do a pre-ride to wherever it is, then hang out...that could work too.

    K, so let's get a weekday figured out first :secret:
  4. I work different days every week, so I don't have a preference for specific days. We've got a lot of nice potential meeting spots all over the CRG. I really like the idea of some kind of rotation.
  5. I vote for Thursday night (bo big surprise there!). And I would agree to keep it to one or two places. If you move it around too much, people will get frustrated. How about since SMC is being firmly established in The Dalles, that we try a Hood River location for bike night (at least for the first one).
  6. Thursday's and Hood River works for me :).
  7. anybody got a suggestion for a location?? I know a few HR spots, but no idea on what's good for a weekly kinda thing.
  8. If we're looking for some kind of restaurant,

    Big Horse Brew Pub is a cool place (with AMAZING fish & chips!!!) and pool tables!

    6th Street Bistro has excellent food and a nice little outside seating area.

    Are these the kinds of places that would work for a bike night?
  9. I was tipped that the Passport Pub & Café is a good place too. Lots of parking (non-tilted) & outside seating.
  10. So are we going to try to get something going for this Thursday?
  11. Sure, why not. We can figure out the details there. (every week, once a month, location ideas, ride or no, etc)
  12. Where is this Passport Pub & Cafe?
  13. Used to be The Horse and Hound (British pub). Converted gas station on Oak, just up the street from Doppio.
  14. Ok! So are we meeting there this Thursday?
  15. My $.02...

    Passport is typically a pretty young crowd, and the outside seating usually has a bunch of smokers hanging out there, so it's not really my scene. I won't dis without other options though, so here's a few alternatives in the order that I'd pick 'em...

    Double Mountain Brewery. Located on 4th st between Cascade and Columbia, has The Gorge's best pizza, inside and outside seating, and is motorcycle friendly. The clientele covers the whole spectrum.

    The Pines winery on the corner of 2nd and State. Free live music Thursday nights- rotating musicians, and typically a good folky-jam style. No food, mature crowd.

    Hood River Taqueria. 13th street on the heights. Good food, sit outside, always a pleasant experience. One of Hood River's most popular summer restaurants.
  16. I'm ok with any of those. Thinking with the time of day, it would be nice to have the option to eat dinner...but I can make do too. Prefer to stay away from smokers as well.

    Someone pick somewhere ;p
  17. I vote for Double Mountain. Good beer and pizza. Taqueria is good but I had dinner there last night. What time? Anytime after 6 is good for me.

  18. 6:30ish work for everyone?? I can be there by 5:45/6ish, but I'm thinking of other's commutes from further east.

    Double Mountain sounds fine to me.
  19. Sooooo....I hope others are showing up....I just rode around for 15 min or so looking for a familiar bike and a place to park. Crossing my fingers I don't get towed.
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