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Custom Seats

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Wyckedan, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I see a lot of people put all this money into their beautiful bikes, yet they always have that plain stock seat taking away from the rest of the bike. If you would like something unique, functional, and plain badass, I can do it for you. I've done numerous bikes on this forum, and I strive hard to make sure every one is exactly what the customer wants, and personalized to fit their bike perfectly. Also, if you hate that stock foam, and need something more comfortable, I can help you there too.
    Prices are dependent on what you want.




  2. Name of the business is now Apex Stitching! Will be at as soon as I get a webpage put together. Any inquiries can be emailed to
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  3. Im going to have to hit you up in the near future. I'm thinking of doing the rally in the gorge this year and my stock cbr seat is NOT going to cut it. I'll keep you posted. BTW, random question, is that a Nixon "player" watch in the last picture?
  4. Nope, just a Fossil. CBR should be a pretty easy fix. Let me know, I'd be glad to hook ya up
  5. Nice work on the seats....I have a corbin on my St1100 and its dished to deep. I would like to retain the orginal pattern cuz its on back of the seat also..... I know it sounds like a sob story but I just lost my job and Im a little tight on cash... I just wanted to get a idea what it might cost to do something like that... Thanks
  6. Dan I've got a CB360 recover job for you. The part is ordered and I'll drop the seat off with you soon. Thanks for the great service.


  7. Thanks Dan for the awesome work on my CB360 seat!



  8. Bumping this thread to give good feedback for Dan. I am in Washington to pick up a bike purchased from Bellingham. I ordered a Seat Concepts setup and friend that just recently bought the same bike as well did the same, and we were planning on putting the cover on ourselves as we have done in the past. Tools we had were not cutting it and I remembered seeing this thread previously, so I emailed Dan asking for a bit of help as we are leaving for OBCDR on Thursday. He emailed back right away and graciously offered to put the seats together the next day at 6 pm (yesterday). I was still working on the bike (2010 enduro r) and couldn't go so friend took them. Dan did a great job getting them together while friend was at dinner.

    Work is top notch and we were both very happy to have one less thing to worry about before leaving. Cost was ridiculously cheap, and would have paid more than asked, and did.

    So, thanks very much Dan, the seats are on, look great and Apex Stitching gets an emphatic thumbs up for service and value.
  9. Glad we could make it work! Sounds like you guys have a pretty neat trip planned. Your friend told me how long you guys struggled with it, probably a good thing he had kids in the car and couldn't watch me put em on. Look forward to meeting ya when you move up here
  10. Just saw this thread.

    I gotta say getting a custom seat is one of the best investments you can make. I haven't ordered anything from Dan(?) I already have a custom seat, but I think its great that we have someone in the area that does this.
  11. Bump and Email sent!
  12. Sending an email now! I am sick of limping from a sore ass after only a couple hours.
  13. Do you have your own shop, if so. where is it?
  14. Yes I do, my shop is in Ballard
  15. Ballard?
    Why did I think this was all done in Oregon? :scratchea

    This is what I'd like to have reworked. It's just stick foam right now.
    No removable seat pan (yet) so it's a bit of a challenge.

  16. There's not really a whole lot that can be done with that besides a snap on cover to try and make the foam last longer
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  17. Yea I know.
    One day I'll make a fiberglass seat pan that I can cover and then bolt back on.
    I'll remove the foam, clean and lay-up the surface. Pop the pan off, finish and cover.

    I thought maybe you had run into this sort of thing before and might have some trick I hadn't thought of yet?

    No worries. Might come to you with a seat pan one day.
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