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Cycle Gear Bike Night 9/18 6-9pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Who's in! I will be able to make this one ;)
  2. says i gotta do training all week

  3. ^ What he said.
  4. Guess I'll never make one. Saturdays the only good night for me. :angry7:
  5. do we get to pick which Cycle Gear??
  6. Yes you decide o wise one and we will follow
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  7. Sure, but really do we go anywhere else but Tacoma?
  8. Well SOME people go to Auburn, theres a new one in Lynwood.......
  9. Auburn, from what I've heard, blah and Lynnwood, to freaking far.
  10. crackup: haha good called Skipunk wise, crackup::lmfao
  11. She who cant figure out her smart phone. :thefinge:
  12. 38th is good.On the way home for me anyway.Either one let us know.
  13. It's at 38th st in Tacoma
  14. I plan on going..see you guys there.
  15. bump...heads up, it's next week.
  16. Any details of what goes on? Still new to the bike scene.
  17. Hang out. Tell each other how cool or crappy their bikes and mods are. After all the cussing and fistfights are over BcSpur buys everyone dinner and drinks.
  18. When did THIS start !?>?!?!?!

    I'm 100% IN !!!
  19. SAY WHAT!!!!!???!!! Uh uh I don't think so
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