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Damage to bike!!!

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Don_Star1100, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. I need some advice and maybe even some help from everyone.

    I recently took my V-Star into Jimmy G's to have the rear tire replaced (also had the rear brakes done since they were metal to metal). Well, I got the bike back last Thursday and I noticed on Sunday that there is damage to my rear fender! :x
    There is an extremely noticeable ripple in the fender now on the right side and a bend on the left side. [​IMG]

    I don't know how I didn't notice this when I picked it up. I definilty want to call Jimmy G out but how should I handle it? I see it turning into a what I say against what he says type of deal. That's where maybe some help from those that have seen my bike at bike nights can help. Several have seen my bike and would have likely noticed this before hand.

    Anyway, any advice would be appriciated.

    P.S. When I picked it up he even said what a pain it was getting the wheel in and how he had to "man-handle" the bike.
  2. Talk to the owner of the shop, and no one else cause its always best to talk to the man who is highest on the ladder.Tell him that you had no scratches or dents on the fender when you dropped it off, and that when you got it back it had some and that the guy said he had to "man-handle" it, which can show that there is a big possibility it was their fault. Im sure they will pay for it otherwise they know there will be a lawsuit.

  3. problem is Jimmy (the owner) is the one that did the work.
  4. The only thing you can do is talk to Jimmy.
  5. This is a little different, but a while back a friend of mine took his rims in to get tires installed on them. We went back and picked them up then took them back to his house and noticed a few tool marks on the chrome and a few spots where the rim had been bent. He immediatly called the place and spoke to the manager. They told him to bring the rim and tire back in for them to inspect it. It was a few days later before he returned to the shop, but when he did the manager was pretty cool about it and repaired the rim for him, free of charge.

    I would get in contact w/ the manager/shop owner quick and let them know about the damage that is now on your bike. I am sorry to hear about it! Good luck getting it sorted out.
  6. I had this problem with a Les Schwab in Clarkston. I picked up my car and when I got home I noticed water based red paint and a broken tail light and pushed in rear bumper. I called the police to file a report and they told me just to take it back to Schwab. The manager came out and said there was no way that it was his guys fault and it must have gotten hit in the parking lot and they don't cover that. I said "By a vehicle with water based, Les Schwab red paint?", and he said people paint their vehicles with some weird stuff man. I was infuriated but in the long run got nothing fixed by them, even after talking with the big wigs. They are self insured and sent me a letter stating that there wasn't sufficient proof that they were at fault. Sheesh that was quite a few years back an I'm still a little pissy about it. Sorry to hear about your fender. Good luck with getting it fixed
  7. IMO : Talk to Jimmy G and tell him what's what. Make him understand you valued his business before but no longer will if no steps are taken to fix this fender. The worst that could happen is you get nothing in return and Jimmy G's loses business. It's a bad situation I understand...Good luck!
  8. Maybe you could drop a line about how you have a lot of friends here in town w/ bikes...he wouldn't want to lose too much biz.

    L :twisted:
  9. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    talk to jimmy. he's pretty cool when it comes to keeping customers, and he'll do anything to keep you happy. though i'm starting to get concerned, as i've done business with him for a while, and i keep hearing stories about how bikes or wheels come back with damage. are you sure it was jimmy who did it and not one of his lackeys? he tends to hire kids, and you know how they are...
  10. Id have to go with JR, Jimmy is a good guy, met him a few times. I think he may have been just fine with getting the tire on, but one of the shop baboons might have moved it and bumped the wall or somethin. Just talk to him, hes a good guy.

  11. Sorry to hear the bad news...dang I typed out a super long reply and right before I posted it I clicked the back button on my mouse and lost it...doh! So I'll type up something again...

    Jimmy is a great guy, he means well, and he is the kind of guy you'd want your daughter to date. But I wouldnt trust anything going in or out of his service department. I have heard numerous stories, from riders who didnt even know each other, at different times all telling me horror stories about his service department. :angry7:

    I remember a few years back when Jimmy didnt even have the front of the building paved like it is now, it used to be all gravel and like two bikes on the entire floor in there. Jimmy used to be a part of Moscow Yamaha but left for his own reasons, invested a lot of his own money and took out a gargantuan loan from the bank to start that place up. He has tried unsucesfully to bid on some major brands like Kawi but the reps are not willing to approve anything.

    So he has continued to keep the business going, focusing on used motorcycles, accessories, and service. There is no good shop, not even close to good shop, in the Moscow/Pullman area. His business is off the local college and area residents because they like Jimmy and always feel they are getting a good deal and are supporting a local shop.

    I would go in and talk to Jimmy...explain the situation to him, but do it without apprehension or agression...say "hey jimmy, here is what happened, and what can we do to correct the situation" i agree with JR that Jimmy will most likely work with ya to fix the situation.

    If he doesnt, I would say "hey jimmy, I will no longer support your business and I will no longer be a customer here. And I'm going to see to it that I tell every single rider I know my experience here and how I was treated and not recommend your shop. Before I would recommend to my friends, and now I wont" and Jimmy will change his mind, but I doubt it will go that far.

    After that, your best bet is for legal action, do it cheap and go the small claims route. Check your state statutes, but you should be able to pay $15 with the local court house and you can request a claim up anywhere up to $3000. Go get a professional estimate of how much to fix/repair your moto and use that as the claim amount.

    A few side notes...

    A certain member on this forum, I wont name names, wrecked his motorcycle severly and injured himself last riding season, and I strongly believe to this day it was Jimmy G's shop at fault. The rim was compromised during a tire change and that caused the accident. :angry7:

    Since then, I have had current riders tell me Jimmy finally broke down and purchased a Snap On tire-changing machine, which is definitely good to hear. Here in Spokane, I prefer to pay a few dollars more to Westside cause they have a Snap On machine and I know they do it right.

    Jimmy will always work with you to get you the best deal on motorcycle parts, gear, and accessories. But I would NOT one way shape or form ever recommend getting any service performed there. I just dont trust the level of work. They are college kids in there who do NOT have any sort of certification or pro experience like the shops do. Then again, that area is lacking as far as service departments.

    The only shop closest to Pullman/Moscow that I would recommend easily is Mac's Cycle in Clarkston as they did all my moto service work during my years in college there. Ivan in there is a damn good mechanic, and that service manager will take care of ya. Of all the years, I only had one bad experience and they went way above and beyond to fix the problem.

    Jimmy G only gets business by word of mouth. I dont know how many times I've gone in there with a fellow riding buddy, and introduced them to Jimmy to make them feel like he is a cool guy, buy your stuff from him, Jimmy will take care of ya. And Jimmy knows he cant afford the bad press. Especially when you post up on a local online forum where bad news spreads quick...

    Keep us posted on what happens, WA Riders has yo back boyeeee.... :evil4:

    I'll shut up now. :rant
  12. Hey beans was that the Gsxr1000 at camps last year???if it was i heard the rider was messed up bad....let me know
  13. :thumbup:

    Looked into a lawyer but it was a his word against your word type of deal so nothing ever came of it on the legal ground. The motorcycle, as bad as it looked, was nothin compared to the physical injuries and the medical bills :evil3:
  14. All is good. :thumbup:

    Rode over to Jimmy's and showed him the bike and he checked it out. He doesn't know how it happened, but never hesitated in agreeing to fix the damage.

    One employee said it looked like I had been hit from behind, (which it does) but there is no damage to the back of the fender. If I had any doubt that it could have happened somewhere else, I wouldn't have bothered him with it. But I am very aware of how I park my bike to make sure it can not be hit from behind and from the time I picked it up Thursday to Sunday when I noticed it I only rode it twice, both times there was no way anyone could have hit me.

    Thanks for all the support. 8)
  15. glad to hear you got it all resolved!
  16. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    well, that turned into some good advertisement for JimmyG's instead of bad. maybe i'll go order some oil from him now. Anyone know where i can get Silkolene?
  17. FYI...I took my Vulcan to the Yamaha dealer in Moscow to have new tires put on and they did a good job. No problems to report and got the bike back quickly.

    Don...glad it's working out for you!
  18. I bought my CBR from jimmy last summer and have taken it back to him when I needed a new tire or whatever. He always treats me right and gives me the cheapest price possible. last week my buddy asked if he was hiring and he replied that you had to be a certified mechanic to work there. Maybe one of his mechanics is just a certified nob, who knows. I trust Jimmy though, he's an honest business man who stands behind his work.
  19. I went in to order a part from jimmy a few weeks ago..He assured me he would have it in three days no problem and that he would call me. I call him on the 4th day, since he never called me and he said sorry, I'll have your part like 7 days from now. I bought it elsewhere and he never bothered I guess he has a clutch lever for a hawk sitting about his shop if anyone needs it. I probably would have went down and bought it if he had ever called, just to have an extra..Not a huge complaint and I will probably buy from jimmy in the future.. but i also think real business should get treated the same that i treat web business - if you lie to me about shipping dates or anything like that I will cancel my order. I will only buy stuff thats instock from jimmy now.
  20. I prefer Red Line personally. And I can get you Red Line, any kind, for way cheaper than any stealership out here. Let me know if you're interested.