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Dealer rant.

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. I decided today that I'd go pick up a new tank bag. I hit up four shops with no luck so from the Sprague and Freya area I call Roundy's.

    The gal that answered was very friendly and when I asked if they carried JR products she said yes...and after a comment from the background said no. No problem, I ask her if they carry an assortment of tank bags...she asks someone and replies they have a large selection.

    When I finally arrive I look all over the showroom and find two bags displayed on bikes. I go to the parts counter and make eye contact with two employees very busy ignoring me...finally one guy looks up from his computer and asks if, "I need something." in a tone that clearly signaled I was disturbing him...several reponses ran through my brain but I was nice and asked where the tank bags were...He pointed in the general direction of the showroom and said there were, "a couple somewhere on bikes."

    Needless to say I didn't buy one of their "large selection."

    Rant off


  2. I was out at Beaudry Motorsports last week and they had a nice selection - and of course you can spend a long time looking (drooling) at all the other stuff they have on display - they also had a large display of jackets on sale - looked pretty nice and the prices looked great - no need to put up with crap from any store owner - there are too many places to buy things - I also see that a new store opened on Sprague Ave across from Target near Freya - I've not been inside but it looks like they specialize in clothing and gear - don't know if it's off road or street stuff but it might be worth a shot -
    Camp is just down the street and they may have something also -

  3. Steve,
    I hit Alsport, MASH, Ed's, Camp, and the little shop you's across from Kmarche...nice store, nice kid working there...huge selection of dirt stuff but a fair amount of street goods...

    Looks like Westside/Beaudry's in the morning.

  4. too bad our selection is so much the shits - it's hard for dealers to sell it if they don't stock it- Beaudry had some beautiful things from Marsee and others all at pretty good pricing - if you're really lost go to the marsee bag site - you can the specifics off of google - they have great tank bags for most every bike - their quality is unsurpassed, though they aren't cheap they are good -

    I'll look forward to meeting you and going for a ride with you -I saw you were/are new to the site - welcome -

  5. Thanks for the welcome Steve...I look forward to meeting you as well.

  6. Your not the first person I've heard say this same story about Roundy's. That's just NOT a good way to treat potential customers. Needless to say YOU WON'T BE BACK!!!!!! Did you hear that Roundy's????????????????? :roll:
    I don't think "I" will be spending any money there any time soon............if ever
  7.'s not just roundy' beef is that almost dealers tend to hire a fairly large amount of people who either don't ride at all or focus on only one aspect of the sport.

    I wonder if their mechanics even know how to use a torque wrench.

    I haven't spent any time at spokane Yamaha....but all the rest are pretty much the lame same...IMO

    Now Westside....IMO, Westside really is one of those cool, few-and-far-between dealerships that I love going to.

    To each their own I guess.
  8. +1 I also have had nothing but good experiences with Westside, but that isn't to say it's the same for everyone. I know of people who don't like westside at all. Personally, I only ever frequent Beaudry Motorsports when I have an excess of saliva I need to let out on the showroom floor. But what the hell does it matter dumbass is down here in Hippy-Filled Oregon!!!! :angry7:
  9. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Johnny-B you are just a tree-huggin nurse! :nana

    That place that you guys are talking about across from KMart is called Geared-Up. I have not heard too many good things about the customer service in that place. Such as them trying to rip people off and not taking back defective items that they sell.......but that's just hearsay....just thought I would add that though....
  10. Westside is great. Spent some time there yesterday just chatting with the guys out there. I started going there about 5 years ago when I got my CR. They usually have anything I need and when they don't they can get it pretty fast. The prices aren't the best but I will pay extra when the people there treat you good.

    PS they also have a good selection of tankbags.
  11. Jon, did you talk to Chris at Allsport, he can order you anything you want, i buy everything from him, i got my tank bag and side bags from him, i will be riding to Seattle i think for the Nationals if i get thursday off if not i ll be driving over friday morning early.
  12. CAMP???? Maybe for snow machines.
    Maybe you need to stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.
    There are some cool people that work there though.
  13. Well I bought my bike at Beaudry's and now I go to Camp because they are so much better to me there.
  14. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Roundys is CRAP!!!! I bought my bike from them last year. The first time I went there after I bought my bike, I needed to borrow a tool really quick to tighten my chain. I asked Pete one of the owners, if I could he said sure, let me go get it. 5 minutes pass no tool, so I walk back into there service dept, there he is reclined back in his chair smoking a cigarette! I asked him again if he had it, he then had his mechanic get it for me. I thought his attitude was rediculious. And then when I wanted to get some parts, there counter guy was clueless on anything about motorcycles.

    So I spend most my money at Powersports, talk to Scott if you go there. And when I need something pretty fast I will go deal with Westside, talk to Jim up there. I enjoy going to both places, Powersports seems to be cheaper by far, but they only get there parts once a week, compared to Westside is every week day.

    So remember DONT GO TO Roundys!!!
  15. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    I've never heard anything good about roundy's personally, Have had bad experience with allsports service department and their sales people have tended to be rude to me. the yammy dealer in the valley have been rude every time I've been in there. Powersports was very cool when I went in. Definently recomend them. Camp has always been very cool with me, and would recomend westside to anyone who asked. Their prices may be a little more, but personally I would rather pay a little more to get sumthing quicker and hastle free than to pay less but deal with bad customer service, or a longer wait :)

  16. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    We have always had good CS from Camp and Allsport. Even though I have a honda I spend most of my money for parts at Camp. If I ever need something over-nighted then it is there for me the next with not that much out of pocket (and that is from both places).

    I think what it all really comes down to though is just getting to know the people at the dealerships. I mean the more you know the mechanics and the sales people the more help you are going to get and the better taken care of you will be. When the mechanics at Camp go out of their way to get something down for me (like the tire incident half hour before closingo n memorial day weekend) I made them all brownies to show them hoe much I appreciated it....they always try to take good care of their customers....
  17. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Sorry to rune your moment Chelsea! Custumer Service, that is what I do. Every customer should be treated with great respect, and treated like they do lots of business with them. It should'nt matter if I have never bought something from them, or if I have spent thousands of dollars with them. Everyone should be treated the same, with just as much of respect and good deals.
    I hope that made some sense.
  18. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    I needed a set of carbs cleaned and sync'd for my old interceptor, took it to allsport and the bike was left out in the rain with the carbs sitting on the seat for 2 weeks, I was told it would take around 4 days, and I even brought in a half rack of beer for the guys for motivation to get it done faster, in the end the job was never done and I got the bike back in pieces with the tubes between the carbs broken, AND they tried to charge me for the full service even though it was'nt done. Took it to westside and they had no problems with fixing it and got it done in a few hours.