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Dear Deer, Please avoid roads!!!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Clay G, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Hit a deer - and didn't go down! :mrgreen:

    Hwy 47, about 7.5 miles north of Vernonia. Heading toward Vernonia - coming back from apiary (good shape)...

    Zippin' along - and we are going to 'not recall' the speed of travel right now, so don't ask! :nana

    I was coming into a right hand turn right about HERE...

    you know me, I was going an appropriately safe speed, and positioned my body appropriately prior to entering the turn. My chin was just over my right wrist, and my ass was firmly planted on my seat! (no - no knee poking out, grasping the tank 'relaxed' with my knees, upper body a little to the right... Then all I saw was a DEER EYE!!! CONTACT!

    amazing how everything slooooows down, but speeds up too!

    I reacted perfectly - I did NOTHING! kept throttle steady, didn't move my body, felt the deer's body slam into my right leg. First thought was something like 'split it!' and I recall seeing the deer's antlers start to move to the left. For some reason, I reached up and grabbed at it :shock:

    I held on with my left hand to what I thought was the antlers... started to roll off the throttle and eased on through the turn.

    Stopped after the turn, and somewhere around 10mph realized that it wasn't the deer's head I was holding up, but my front fairing!!! I had a firm grasp of my right mirror, then started to let go, realizing that it would drop down and entangle my front end... so I held on.

    Then - couldn't clutch in, so just let engine knock me to a stop. Skidded about 5 feet in the road side gravel - but at this point, that wasn't an issue!!!

    I literally SCREAMED at the top of my lungs for the next five minutes!!!!

    it was like winning the super bowl, world series... touching the knee down the first time... first orgasm (with a woman)... ALL IN ONE! I LIVED!!!


    anyway - it was about 80-100 pound doe. She hit the right side of my front fairing. I felt her body wrap around my right hand and slam into the side of the bike...

    After going back, I saw scrub marks my tires made as the bike swerved and fishtailed back and forth for about 30, 40 feet. There were about 6-10 S-turn shaped scrub marks on the pavement. I don't remember ANY of that!

    What's the dumbest thing you can do to a motorcycle? Put a rider on it! The one thing I did that saved me? NOTHING! I did nothing! I was gripping with both knees, holding the throttle steady with VERY light grips on the bars... I saw that deer's head closer than you can imagine! actually surprised I didn't hit it with my helmet. :shock: and I didn't react at all! (for a few seconds anyway, until I started doing the 'end zone dance' all over hwy 47!)

    here is a link to the FB album: FB ALBUM

    friend me in FB and see the shots!
  2. Lucky. Glad to hear you survived.

  3. Glad your ok... thats just amazing... I always worried about freezing up if I was about to hit a deer.. I guess thats kinda the appropriate thing to do though..well not freeze but to let the bike take care of it.
  4. great riding but that would :scared make me poop for sure
  5. Lucky on ya. I'd hate to hit a full size deer anything close to head on.
  6. At least you didn't lay in the middle of the road screaming for help and calling your mommy on your cell phone.

    Just looked at the photo album, damn, you killt that dumb sumbitch! Did you take it home and eat it?
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  7. Glad your okay and your bike is semi-ok. I hit a deer myself on 212 across from the fredmeyer distribution center and it totaled my car. I ended up having to pull the deer out of the road because several cars were running over it. Later, some rednecks in a big truck came by and scooped it up off the side of the road. It's a crazy feeling seeing one of those things jet out in front of you with nothing you can really do to avoid it.
  8. God daaaaaaaamn! Glad you're okay Clay! Maybe I should turned around with ya, that would have definitely woken me up
  9. Glad you are OK Clay. Good job hanging on. One hint though: Do not substitute a Dodge flatbed for a deer, the results are much worse. :shock:
  10. ^^^ THIS

    Now THAT video was funny.

    Glad you are okay and came out on top.
  11. Way to go and beat those SR's Clay!

    A friend of mine lives just north of Mist, and drives that road 2x daily. He's totaled two cars so far, one deer, one elk. Stupid animals!

    Glad to hear that you're okay!

  12. Good save! Way to hang on and not panic.

    Did you ride back with a flopping fairing?
  13. Video was CLOSE to exactly what happened to me... I had my head to the right a bit... and for some strange reason (maybe the deer that hit me was moving a LOT faster?) my deer sheared the front fairing stay bracket right off!

    Mike - I have caught soooo much crap for 'riding alone' since this happened!! (wondering what the big deal is? I've ridden alone a LOT - I mean, if you have to wait for a sport bike rider... according to rob, it's like herding cats, right?)

    I simply can't believe I didn't put it down! Still a little giddy, ya' know?

    ya'll ride safe! remember - no SR's!!! :)
  14. as far as getting home...

    The first several minutes were spent ejaculating all over the place... walked back and someone stopped to help me move her outta the road.

    Took some pics, and that was when I realized I had no cell coverage - and I was 'alone' again.

    Bike didn't start, and had oozed coolant - wasn't sure if there was a rip in radiator, etc... so I started walking toward Vernonia... and that was when Steve and Mike stopped on the touring bikes! :) They brought me into Vernonia, where I was an instant star! Cars had passed and stopped and told the ladies at the shell about the deer hitting bike...

    called a few people and everyone was able to help - but Tara ended up being best and least intrusive bet. Loaded it in my truck (thankful it was still there about 2.5-3 hours later!). and drove to the shop for the insurance estimate. :)
  15. Wow, hope someone gets a good meal out of that.

    Glad you pulled through that curve!
  16. Way to keep it up man, that's some scary sh*t.
  17. Deer suck. I had a close encounter last week, but the damn thing fell as it tried to bolt in front of me. Nice riding!
  18. whootie-whoo!

    bark at the moon!

    nice job on the save Clay. I can just imagine you laughing, howling.....owwwww--ewwww!!

    that's awesome.
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