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Decisions, decisions! Which bike to choose.

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by RODEHARD, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Well here's the deal my R1's engine bit the dust with only 23k miles. So my crying is over. Now heres the good part I get to choose between the Ducati 1199, the BMW s1000rr or the KTM RC8. This isn't easy I absolutely love something about each and every one of them. Any owner's of these bikes please tell me the good bad and ugly!
  2. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    RC8. Then again, I am a KTM whore.

  3. Jeeze. That is a tough decision.
    Wish I had to make it. I feel like if it were me, I would end up with the 1199.
    However, with the same amount of money you could ALMOST get a used KTM and a used BMW if you play your cards just right.
    Good luck with the choice and good on you for being able to choose from such a sweet field!
  4. Being a Ducatisti, my knee jerk if 1199S. However, I'm going to agree with courier. If you do it right, you could get 2 used bikes, one for the track, and one for the street. Lots of available used 1198S, 1098S if you want a Ducati and RC8s for track etc.

    My 1198S will not be on the street for much longer. SF848 for the street and big bike for track. 2 are better than 1.
  5. Well, from the list you have given us it's hard for me to say, there's no Harley's on it.

    Okay, Using the three you have on your list, the Ducati is a fine machine, but can be a bit of a maintenance monster. The KTM I simply do not know enough to say either way. The BMW has a solid reputation and a good reliability record, so that is the one I would go with.
  6. This is really becoming less and less the case. The Superquadro motor has extended the valve adjustment period by 100% to 15k miles. Even my 1198S with the 7500 mile valve adjustment period has only required regular oil changes.
  7. You really need to ride all three to make the decision properly. All you're going to get from us is our personal opinions on which we like the best. Personally, I couldn't care less about the RC8. The Panigale is pretty cool, but I've heard a few complaints about em being too complicated and not very "user friendly". I wouldn't buy a first year bike. The 2012 S1000RR is pretty badass. BMW really stepped up with the changes they made for this year. Out of the box 190hp is pretty sweet, and the new color choices are very nice.
  8. You need to buy my 2008 1098S, so I can buy an 1199! :mrgreen: I'd actually like to get my hands on an 1198SP......

    Dan has the right idea, take each out for a test ride. I know you can demo the 1199, pretty sure you can demo the S1000RR, but I don't know if the local KTM shops have an RC8 you can take out. I think the RC8 is neat, but I'd put it 3rd on the list just because of the looks. The 1199 is on the top for me because I'm a Ducatista, but the BMW would be a close second.
  9. Hi Jeffy.
  10. Not sure about the KTM.

    I owned a Ducati 1198 with all the racing stuff on it. I felt like it was made of glass, in other words delicate, although it never broke. Just saying that's the way it felt. This opinion doesn't really help define the 1199.

    Just bought the 2012 S1000RR. I've been test riding it since 2010. I rode it extensively at the California Super Bike School in 2011 .(Sears Point) This is why I own one today. BMW has a lot of confidence in this bike especially when it comes to backing up a "race" bike with a full 3 year warranty.

    The features have been refined and others are now trying to catch up.

    Worth considering.
  11. Bollocks! Modern Ducs are generally no more maintenance intensive than other bikes, especially the 1199 (no belts to deal with, chain drive now.) It has a 15,000 mile valve adjustment interval, and minor service at 7500 miles. What is it for your Harley?
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  12. From what I understand (and I can only afford to read about these bikes, and that is nearly outside my budget) the 1199 has very little in common with the 1198.
    I won't mention the fact that you thought it was delicate and it never broke means you had a perception that didn't turn out to be the case. That wouldn't be nice.
  13. Yeah, but have you seen what the cost of the 15k service is???
    I have......
  14. Well, since I'm rolling up on 7,200 miles (but 4 years, so I should do the belts), yeah I've seen the quote for the 15,000 mile service. $1,500-ish from the local Duc Shops, but I've got a quote from KFG for about $1,200, with a standard fork service too.

    Again, someone shouldn't buy an Italian semi-exotic and expect Suzuki service costs.....
  15. Yes, it was not the case. I made that clear.
  16. Ducati - Duh...
    Sorry - I am biased!!

    Although the KTM is a rather kewl bike...
  17. Thanks for the input, I'm leaning toward the BMW. What it really comes down to is a testical ride. As in balls to the wall! The Panigale is a stunner though.
  18. I'm not talking about the xx98, I'm talking about the 1199. If you think $1,500 is bad.......
  19. Now Ray, I have never stated that I have ever owned a Ducati.

    I have nothing against a Duc, but with the three the OP listed as our choice's I still feel, taking into account the cost of ownership, the resale value and the longevity of the three, the BMW is still the better choice.

    But a Harley wound be much better. :)
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