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Defend Your Castle

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by SilverDawg, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Son of A!
    So I decided to try this over my lunch break as I saw from the scoreboard it was going to take a while. Not sure where my score was, but I had been playing for over twenty minutes. In all the motions of killing those bastards I bumped the button on the side of my mouse. Yes- the back button! :x
    No score and a sore arm. Great lunch.
  2. haha i did the same thing, gotta get a good 2-button mouse with laser and a big mouse pad. my mouse pad is 3feet by 2feet.

  3. I have an optical and no pad. Unfortunately I started bumping into my speaker. :evil:
  4. Don't see what your guys' problems are. ;)
  5. Think its tough? Type in "SPLATTERY" a couple of times at the main menu
  6. Actually what you do is while your on the Main Menu, hit the Tab key once and a yellow box will appear. Type in "splattery" and your good to go...

    It starts the game at Level 11 with 45000 spendable points to start with before the game gets going and 10 converts in reserve, but your score starts out at zero still. If you want to start out higher in the levels with more points and more converts, just hit Tab again and enter the code. Everytime you enter the code it adds 10 levels and can cause super fast enemies so don't overdo it.
  7. Some game advice to get past Level 13:

    The temple should be your first purchase. Convert as many men as possible, and when you can afford it, the mana pool should be your next purchase. Train as many wizards as possible. You can use their spells to kill the giant sticks. Then buy the archery range once you can afford it. Focus on the wizards from there on out.