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dirt bike riding near Puyallup??

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by cavskull88, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. been in the area for some time but cant seem to find any spots to ride unless i drive to capital state or go north. anyone know of some places near Puyallup to just go get my fix. i have a RM 250 and just want to go hit some dirt trails and ride.
  2. Elbe Hills near Elbe are probably the closest followed by Evans Creek near Carbonado. Both of these places are geared towards the Jeep/4x4 crowd.Most of the places to ride around the Puyallup area are either gone,private or illegal. Here's a link to a list of riding areas in Washington. You can also find more info on this site as well in the Northwest section.

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  4. Their is a riding,good riding spot on 176th if you go all the way down the road and their will be a dead end by some dirt/gravel and you should be able to go way back behind in the trails and Dink around and through some roost I just went their two days ago and had a blast so try it and let me no what you think and if their are other people their just tide like them aha and theirs jumps and stuff every were also hill climbs and lots of them text my number at 253 732 2940 for more information on where to go if you need it:) have a blast
  5. careful of going there... i had my truck broken into while i was riding one time... and so did a buddy
  6. just ride through a farmers farm land. plenty of that down in puyallup/orting/sumner area! lol
  7. Can we still ride there?
  8. other than an ORV sticker, are there any pre requisites to ride here? Not familiar with the area but I am looking for a new place to ride because the JBLM ORV park is getting old and I am looking for something a little harsher, but not quite Tahuya harsh.
  9. Truly I'm not even sure if it's "legal" to ride in that spot. (Lots of people did every day. I never got harassed by anyone and I rode it often, lived right down the street.) On that note, if your worried about be legal enter here or on this road anyway:

    This is by no means a tough place to ride. Maybe one "hard" stretch to ride, depending on your skill. for the most part its just a good spot to get out and stretch your legs.

    I wouldn't travel very far to go to this spot, Better places to go than here I'm sure, but its local, its free, and miles of good riding if your close
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  10. To be honest I'm not positive on that last map. there is a gate and road into the woods, so there should be a spot to park.
    If not, drive down the road 100 feet.. You'll see a few trails into the woods around the gates..(maybe not that particular gate) but the next one down most likely.

    Or you can park at the first map I posted. At worst someone might slap your wrist and tell you to leave.

    It's been awhile since I've been there.
    Again I'm not saying this is a "legal" place to ride as I have no idea if it is.
    I just know that it used to get rode all the time. I've never been harassed but this was about 1 year ago. Ride at your own risk.

    I'm surprised no one else had chimed in on this place. :scratchea
  11. That place is back to being patrolled... :shock:
  12. New to the forum, but short story long, looking for anyone that wants to do some dirt biking in the Puyallup/Tacoma area on the weekends?
  13. Looking for people in the area to ride with, gonna be 70-72 degrees Thursday and Friday. Probably gonna try somewhere local!
  14. I know an old spot I use to go back to in the 90s up by this tree farm on bonney lake/orting hill.

    A lot of new houses up in that now but I still see some trails. It used to be the crown jewel of riding spots.
  15. Guys I'm in Bonney lake/south P area for next couple months. Would love some info in the area for some bad ass single track. From the Midwest and cant wait to ride around here